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Year 8 - Action genre

No description

victoria marshall

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Year 8 - Action genre

Friday 21st March
Objective: To consider the genre of action and identify features. To create typical action characters.
Starter: What sort of things would you typically see in a action story/film?
Car chases
Ways that you can get this fast paced feeling into your writing?
You are going to create your own action hero and create an information file for him/her.
These action heroes are all very different and have their own styles. You can take ideas from these characters to incorporate into your own character.
Your character information file must include:
Date of birth
Place of residence
Description of physical appearance
A picture
Background information
Weapon of choice
Any other information you want to include

Name: John Carver
DOB: 18/11/1987
Residence: Miami
Physical appearance: 5ft9" tall with black hair. He has a very muscular build and a dark skin tone.

Skills/abilities: Trained in several martial arts and was a champion kick boxer. He is very athletic and is a free runner.

Background information: John's parents died in a car accident when he was very young and he was raised by his uncle. His uncle was a criminal and lived very dangerously, from a young age John had to learn to defend himself.
Weapon of choice: His fists
Weaknesses: John suspects that his parents' death was not an accident and this has always haunted him. Flashbacks from his childhood can strike at any moment and this affects his ability to concentrate and fight.
Catchphrase: "Lose the weapons, let's fight"
Capital letters for people shouting
Short sentences
Use of punctuation - exclamation marks
Use of adverbs
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