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bisco masr

IMC plan

mohamed marzouk

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of bisco masr

BiscoMisr Co. produces, supplies, and exports confectionery and baked products. It offers wafer biscuits,
corn flakes, pastries, cakes, toffees, mints, and seasonal products; and plain, filled, salty, and coated
biscuits. The company sells its products through its outlets in Mansoura, Tanta, Zagazig, Ismailia, Cairo,
and Alexandria. BiscoMisr Co. was founded in 1957 and is based in Cairo, Egypt. company overview: GEOGRAPHIC
Our immediate geographic market is egypt area, with a population of 90, 86,637.
Our general target market is male and female age 5-65, but we have segmented our market into two smaller and more identifiable group
Families with children
Mainly children 5-15
Mainly those people who give priority to health
When watching TV then wants something to eat
Always want to physically active segmentation : Positioning Mohamed said Marzouk Vision

to build on our success and high standards in
the confectionery industry to expand into a
well -established confectionery Company.
We plan to extend export
overseas thereby generating a long-term sustainable
competitive advantage thus providing superior returns
for our shareholders. Mission We are dedicated to our promise of delivering the best quality products to consumers who have relied on us for a long time. BiscoMisr is committed to creating confectionary products that meets every body’s tastes.

Our mission is to create value by fulfilling our commitments to our customers and our employees, as our success was not and will not be simply for just providing the right products, but it's a mixture of innovation and determination, and maintenance of our high standards that are well known for the name of BiscoMisr.

Objectives Our mission is to create value by fulfilling our commitments to our customers and our employees, as our success was not and will not be simply for just providing the right products, but it's a mixture of innovation and determination, and maintenance of our high standards that are well known for the name of BiscoMisr. objective
At BiscoMisr we always aim high. Our objective is to become a diversified food company specializing in every type of confectionery from candy to breakfast cereal, and widen our operations to include exports to different countries.
We are totally committed to our consumers and work around the clock in every department to fulfill their demands. From production to marketing, everyone at Biscomisr is fully focused towards producing a high quality product that is offered at a competitive price.
Since the privatization of BiscoMisr, management has taken on a new motto: customer satisfaction always comes first.
We foster innovation across the board to help the company achieve customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction as well as to maintain our leadership position in the market. in message strategy we give message to our audience about low price, best taste, freshness and durability of lovely biscuits.

We set our message different from our competitors and we also describe through print ads that we have different taste biscuits as per demand of different audience.

They can choose according to their choice. communication mix
In communication mix we include mix of different media to give message of our product. in communication mix we include television commercial, radio, newspaper
Ads promotional events etc. but in communication mix our main objective is to give same message to our all audience who get standardized message out of all channels. The Plan Target Audience Profile This PLAN'S target market promotion strategy For promoting our product in initial stage we are going to introduce promotional campaign in which we consider trade promotion strategy and consumer promotion strategy.
in trade promotion we set targets for retailers and distributors if they meet their targets then they will get gift packs
And we give small gifts like small size toys with pack scratched to attract children's MESSAGE STRATEGY Advertising goals SWOT Analysis straight Getting Attention
Replacing Lost Customers
Building Sales and Profits
Building Brand Awareness weaknesses threats opportunities Reputation
Low cost
Good product quality and packaging
Excellent distribution network ensure availability
High Brand loyalty
Trusted brand by mothers for their children New markets
New products
Special occasion packages
Sponsorship to events, shows and competition for kids Poor copies
change in taste
Rise in cost of raw materials like sugar
Inflation may cause fall in sales as biscuits in not a necessity Limited target audience
Branding and advertising through TV and print ads is weak
Lots of options available hence high brand switching Nostalgia 45% Marketing Communication
Objectives Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion Sales Promotion Company website, social media,
online banners Outdoors, TV Ads 85% 50% 40% Maintain Loyalty among 50% of existing customers PROMOTION OUR MESSAGE THANK YOU vision new product to start the campaign Back to school campaign
Get ready for the school festival by Bisco Misr, on 20 October 2007, a competition themed party with music, games,
prizes and a unique tour to the factory later on created especially for the school students.
various schools in 5 different cities
Cairo ,Alexandria ,El Sharkia ,Tanta, El Giza
Activities :
Free gifts,
Games .
Period :
10/10/2013 extending for 50 days . Animation

Animation is a popular type of executional framework. In recent years, the use of animation in advertising has dramatically increased. This is due in part to the growing sophistication of computer graphicsprograms. The animation technologies available toadvertising creatives are far superior to the cartoontype that was previously used media selection For many years, television held the reputation of being the most glamorous advertising medium. A company featuring a television advertising campaign enjoyed a more prestigious reputation. To some, television advertising is still the best option. It is wise,however, to carefully consider whether or not a television advertisement is the optimal medium. ADV.
1. High reach
2. High frequency potential
3. Low cost per contact
4. High intrusion value (motion, sound)
5. Segmentation possibilities through cable outlets COMMUNICATION MARKET ANALYSIS competitors Opportunities : Are there customers that the competition is ignoring or not serving? yes, people who diet , specially women customers:
1. Current company customers2. The competition’s customers3. Potential new customers ◗Develop brand awarenessIncrease category demandChange customer beliefs or attitudesEnhance purchase actionsEncourage repeat purchasesBuild customer trafficEnhance firm imageIncrease market shareIncrease salesReinforce purchase decisions MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES
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