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WordPress Training

No description

Chloe Andersen

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of WordPress Training

AFMA's CEO has requested, as a priority, the website content be reviewed and updated

Out of date, incorrect and unneccessary information on website

Project will assist AFMA in meeting the Australian Government mandated Web Accessibility requirements Background The aim of the project To review and update all content on the AFMA website to make sure all information is;





Meets the needs of our audience

Engages the audience

These changes will also help to meet the mandated web content accessibility standards Is it up to date?


Due for review?

Who is the owner?

Importance to website users?

Is there information missing?

Is it in the right spot?

Is it easy to understand?

Importance to AFMA? when reviewing content consider Section responsibilities
read the review guidelines
review each page and document
have required changes reviewed and approved
make changes as required in WordPress, making sure guidelines are followed.

Communications responsibilities
check and publish content submitted
changes will be sent back to reviser if they do not meet the guidelines! Who does what? Web users;

don't read, they scan

look for keywords

are looking for specific information

want to find information quickly and efficiently. Writing for the web Writing meaningful, short, direct headings (and sub-headings)

Breaking up blocks of texts with lists

Long pages should be broken up into a group of pages e.g. next page or Page 1 2 3 etc

Capturing the most important information in the first paragraph

Keeping paragraphs short

Being concise, as few words as possible

Plain, simple English writing

Avoiding technical terms and jargon You can do this by Is it clear?

Is there a simpler way to say this?

Is there a shorter way to say this?

Is this necessary? Ask... The program AFMA uses to publish and update the AFMA website

A Content Management System (CMS)

CMS means we can all work together to update and review the website

Free, open source program

Constantly improving and evolving

It is NOT a record keeping system The website is NOT a record keeping system

Outdated content usually should not be kept on the website - but this is determined by AFMA's business needs (check with RMU if you are unsure)

The public has a right of access to website content that has been retained

AFMA has a publicly accessible archive page - a disclaimer clearly states to the public that the content on that page is no longer current or maintained.

When removing documents or pages that need to be archived, move to Archiving documents and pages Writing style- FOR THE WEB

Style guides-READ



Acronyms/Abbreviations- Writing summary
Each section are to review their content and make their changes in WordPress Scope also consider areas where content needs to be developed to meet the needs of AFMA or the audience

failure to manage and keep website content updated can have serious consequences for AFMA

each section is responsible for overseeing the currency and accuracy of the content for the term of its 'life' www.afma.gov.au/home/afma-archives/ when writing content for the web stop and ask yourself.... writing for the web is a different style of writing Archiving means taking material out of active use and storing it elsewhere How does all this help you? having current up to date content on our website will reduce the need for people to have to call or email us for information- this means more time to be proactive in our work!

Current easy to read content raises AFMA's credibility. writing well using plain English What is WordPress?
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