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Treaty of Versailles

No description

Sabrina Reyes

on 26 March 2017

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Transcript of Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles &
League of Nations
Self-determination for the people of Europe
Freedom of the seas
Equal trade terms
Reduced armaments
An end to secret diplomacy
Creation of the League of Nations
The Fourteen Points by Woodrow Wilson
Germany lost territory to France and Poland, and lost all of its colonies
Germany lost its navy, while its once powerful army was reduced to size of a police force
Germans were forced to sign the "War guilt" clause, accepting blame for starting the war.
For this reason, they were required to pay huge reparations to the allies.
Austria-Hungary was divided into several smaller national states
The Sultan was overthrown and Turkey became a republic. The Ottoman Empire lost most of its territories in the Middle East. These territories became mandates of Britain and France.
The Paris Peace Conference &
the Treaty of Paris
An organization of nations that would defend each other against aggressions and prevent future wars.
The League had no army of its own, therefore it depended entirely on the goodwill of its members to stop act of aggression. Article X stated that League members would help other league members facing aggression.

League of Nations
Wilson needed the support of two-thirds of the U.S Senate to ratify the treaty.
Americans were disillusioned with what had been achieved after the heavy costs of the war which was reflected on the 1918 Congressional elections in which Republicans gained control of the Senate.
Republicans especially objected to Article X.
3 weeks after he began this exhausting campaign to win public support, Wilson suffered a major stroke, which left him partially paralyzed.
The senate then rejected Wilson's treaty and Republicans won further support in the 1920's Presidential election.
The United States Rejects the Versailles Treaty and Retreats into Isolationism.
January 1918
Article X was the agreement inserted into the Treaty of Versailles creating the League
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