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L1: Afro and Anglo Folk Characteristics

No description

Shannon Kropf

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of L1: Afro and Anglo Folk Characteristics

Mug of Brown Ale/Rakes of Kildare
Scottish folk dance: Strathspey & Tulloch
Ballad - Appalachian Region
Rasaki Aladokun of Sonic Soul Berlin Concert, July 20, 2000.
The akonting is an instrument of the Jola people of Senegal and Gambia. Daniel's right-hand technique is of particular interest.

The Jola of the Cassamance region of southern Senegal have named this downstroke technique "o'teck", meaning "to strike". O'teck is virtually identical to the first banjo style documented, "stroke style", and to the contemporary style known as clawhammer or frailing.

Precise descriptions of stroke style can be found in banjo instructional manuals starting in the 1850's.

This video was shot at the home of Chuck Levy in Gainesville, Florida where Daniel stayed while attending the University of Florida's Arts-in-Medicine Summer Intensive.
Daniel Laemouahuma Jatta plays an akonting (ekonting) song composed by his father.
Improvisation and
Personal Expression
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