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Enquête indoor dans un batiment Minergie

No description

Jean-Michel Poffet

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Enquête indoor dans un batiment Minergie

Enquête indoor le questionnaire MM 040
Anchor the investigation among
all those involved
Inform everyone about the
of the investigation.
Try to
minimise the drop-out
frequency and register it.
Present the results
for all those participating in the investigation.
The Örebro Model
Enquête de référence
Analyse des questionnaires
Questionnaire MM040 - Office
Eléments de décision
Enquête sur l'ensemble du collectif
By comparing the outcome with corresponding results from
indoor environments without known indoor climate problems
, it is possible to get an idea about the cause of the problems. Thereafter (not before), if required, technical measurements can be taken.
The Örebro Model is based on a World Health Organization (WHO) strategy from
the early 1980s
The personnel are informed of the survey by mail, describing both the goal and the routines involved. It is very important to inform them about
the handling of the questionnaires in order to respect privacy
To be able to assess the results of the investigation in a proper way it is necessary to know the frequency of drop-outs. A drop-out will always exist in questionnaire investigations because of sick-leave, holidays, or because eople do not want to participate. From experience gained in Sweden, a drop-out frequency of 25 % will seldom affect the results.
Liste des facteurs environnenentaux perturbants
It is important to view the questionnaire survey as part of a strategy.
The survey in itself cannot answer all questions. After necessary restoring measures have been taken,
it is wise to check if the perceived indoor climate has been improved.
Analyse des questionnaires
Contrôle après correctifs techniques

L'enquête MM 040 est associée à une offre de constulation médicale par le médecin du travail.

Source : http://www.mmquestionnaire.se/mmq/mmq.html
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