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Gender roles in medieval times

No description

Quinn Murray

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Gender roles in medieval times

Gender roles in medieval times
Women's rights
The women had very strict rights they could have and wasn't allowed to do many things. The town didn't even counted women part of the city or town. They didn't count them as part of the town because they couldn't do very much. The town did not like having the women around.

Men's jobs
Men had four times as many jobs, then women, to choose from. They had to have a job that could support their family. Men had lots of pressure on them to earn money to be able to trade money for food to eat.
Women's jobs
Women's roles were very limited and strict.
the jobs and everyday roles they could have were

The jobs of the men
-Merchant guilds men
The main rules of being a woman
- run household with up to 100 people!
- supervise the house and cook dinner
- make all of families clothes
the most common job for a women was to be a
- not allowed to own land/ business
- not allowed to divorce their husband
- couldn't get married without both parents' permission
-if they were wealthy the had to marry as a teenager
- if they were poor they couldn't marry until 20
- they had to work as a young young child to about 12 or 11 then get ready to get marry.
One rule that they did let women have was they were allowed to be a queen. This was a shocking rule because people sometimes did not even count them as part of the town.
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This is a king
This is men farming
This is a queen
This is a usual marriage ceremony
This is women cooking dinner in a fire pit
By: Quinn Murray
Men's rights
-Men had to fight in war if needed
-Could own lots of land
-The men decided who they wanted to marry
-They also got to decide how many kids him and his wife will have.
Over all if you were a wealthy men you had lot more power then what the poor men had.
Men's owned land
Google images
Children's jobs and roles
Children were expected to work around the house or in the fields. They were however not expected to work all day, like there parents. The older siblings would usually watch after there younger siblings when their parents would be to busy working.
Parents leaving their kids to go work.
Teachers of the school
In a school the teacher would usually be a women. The girls would teach the children from a young age until they are old enough until the children can work, just like their parents.
This is a traditional school in the middle ages
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