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Angie and Jess Religious Orders

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Angie and Jess Religious Orders

But first, a bonus question! Can you introduce your chosen Religious Order? 3....2...1... INTRODUCE!
Our chosen Religious Order is the Missionary Franciscan Sisters. They are the founders of Mount Alvernia College.
The Missionary Franciscan Sisters
Founders of Mount Alvernia College
By Angelica Azzarello and Jess Garbett

And your first question is....
Who founded this order and why?
The founders of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters were St Francis of Assisi and Elizabeth Hayes. They founded this order because St Francis had a vision to create a community for all of those who were poor or in need. Elizabeth Hayes founded this order because she had a large amount of respect for the Franciscan Rule, she believed the Missionary Franciscan Sisters would have a tradition that would be traced back to St Francis of Assisi and his vision.
Are you ready for the second question? Where did this order originate from?
The order originated from Ireland when three Irish Franciscan Missionary Sisters left their schools in the United States to travel to Australia.
Third Question, are you ready?What influence did this order have on Catholic Schools?

The Missionary Franciscan Sisters influenced Mount Alvernia College because their mission is to develop students in the light of the gospel and the tradition of St Francis. The Missionary Franciscan Sisters mission is to help those in need, poor homeless and more. This influences Mount Alvernia because it relates to their mission so they will follow in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi and the Missionary Franciscan Sisters by following in the footsteps of the Gospel.
And the final question is: How does this order live the Gospel Values?

The order lives the Gospel Values because they live with simplicity, joy and peace, just like St Francis of Assisi.
List some Religious Orders! 3...2...1.... GO!
1. Sisters of Charity
2. Marist Brothers
3. Sisters of Mercy
4. Missionary Franciscan Sisters
5. Sisters of St Joseph
STOP! Now choose ONE and research it! You will have to answer 5 questions about your chosen Religious Order. GOOD LUCK!!!
Good work! Now, let's get to the REAL questions!!
Great job! On to the next question!
Wow you're really good!
Second last Question!
What is their Religious Mission?
Their mission is focused on those in need. Following in the footsteps of their founders, they
devote themselves to a life of continued change of response to the call of the Gospel.
Now onto the Last question!
Thank You for you answers! You got them all right!
Congratulations! You have done lots of research and you win the grand prize!!!
Thanks for playing!
The Founders
St Francis of Assisi
Elizabeth Hayes
The Original Missionary Franciscan Sisters
Mount Alvernia College Emblem
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