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The ABC's of Georgia History

Social Studies Project

Adeline Bazard

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of The ABC's of Georgia History

The ABC's
Georgia History by Adeline Bazard A is for Alonzo Herndon B is for Battle of Kettle Creek E is for Ellis Arnall F is for Fall Line D is for Dahlonega Gold Rush G is for Great Depression The Chattahoochee River was a key role in Georgia's history. The Woodland, and Archaic Indians call it home.Today the people of Georgia uses the river for additional water, and power. Mostly for recreational purposes they use it for fishing,tubing,canoeing,boating,hiking, and camping. The first gold rush was discovered in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1829 by farmer Benjamin Parks. H is for Highland Scots I is for International Cotton States Exposition J is for James Oglethorpe James Oglethorpe is the reason for Georgia. He found Georgia in 1732. He was a military leader, and social reformer. In 1729 James Oglethorpe's life was to change when one of his friends, Robert Castell, was jailed in London's Fleet Prison because of his debts. James's friend's death from the disease, smallpox, led Oglethorpe to launch a national campaign to reform England's prisons. K is for Kansas- Nebraska Act On May 30,18545 the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed. This lead people in those territories to decide whether to have, or don't have slavery in their borders. The reason of this act is to repel the Missouri Compromise in 1820 which prohibited slavery in the North. L is for Louisville, Georgia Named after King Louis XVI of France, Louisville served as the second capital after Savannah. For ten years, Louisville was the epicenter of Georgia at that time. M is for Military Bases The military bases in Georgia served as military camps for World War II. N is for Nancy Hart O is for Okefenokee Swamp P is for Piedmont Q is for Quartering Act R is for Richard B. Russell S is for Savannah Siege T is for Tomochichi U is for UGA (University of Georgia) V is for Vidalia Onions W is Woodland Period Developed between 1000 B.C. through 1000 A.D. ,the Woodland Period is the second most advanced group after the Mississippian Indians. They were the first to use the bow and arrow, elaborate religious ceremonies, and also they learned how to make pottery last longer by baking it.. The Woodland Indians built permanent huts and domes which created a village. X is for Xavier Roberts As the inventor and manufacturer of Cabbage Patch Kids, Xavier Roberts is a successful American artist and businessman. In the 1970"s, Xavier Roberts attended the American Folk Art Movement. While he was there, he discovered techniques on making dolls with a certain type of materials. After this, his mother, Eula, made quilts, which inspired him to make a quilted doll called "Little People". In 1982, started a medical clinic in his hometown in Cleveland , Georgia, which was later named Cabbage Patch Kids. Y is for Yazoo Land Fraud One of Georgia's worst political scandals took place in 1795, and its name is Yazoo Land Fraud. Many states wanted to open this area to settlement, but Creeks, Cherokees lived there Z is for Zell Miller The founder of the Atlanta life insurance Company, a barber and entrepreneur, Alonzo Herndon is the most successful and wealthiest African American during his time. On February 14, 1779, Georgia had its victory. Colonel Elijah Clarke defeated over 800 British troops at the Battle of Kettle Creek. In return, the militia was able to "take" necessary items such as weapons and horses. C is for Chattahoochee River In 1907, a man named Ellis Arnall become the only man to beat Gene Talmadge. He was the youngest man to be state legislature at 25. Arnall ran for governor and made changes Talmadge couldn't like reforms in education and prisons; revised the state constitution, abolished the poll tax, and lowered the voting age. Fort King George was established in 1721 to separate the French expansion into the Altamaha region. If an attack by either France or Spain against the outpost would represent an act of war against England. On October 1929 the stock market crashed which made the worst economic depression in the Georgia, and the rest of the U.S.. The reason was a long-dependence on cash-crop agriculture. The International Cotton States Expedition is a way to present the economic recovery of the South to highlight the region's natural resources to attract norther investors. In 1895, was greeted almost 800,000 people in three months. Throughout the exhibit, visitors learned how cotton was produced into marketable products. The most brave, and most historical female during the Revolutionary War. She was a patriot had determined efforts to get rid of the areas of the Tories, English soldiers. Vidalia Onions were first grown near Vidalia, Georgia in the early 1930s. It has been Georgia's official vegetable since 1990. Located in southern Georgia, The Okefenokee Swamp is the largest freshwater swamp in North America. The word Okefenokee derived from the Seminolian word "o-wa-qua-phenoga" which means "land of trembling earth." This swamp is made up of various animal species such as alligators, herons, egrets, cranes, and black bears. Zell miller was a key player in Georgia politics. He served as a state senator, lieutenant governor, and governor. His legacy rests on far-reaching strides to improve education. To protect Georgia from unexpected attacks from the Spanish, James Oglethorpe recruited about 175 Highland Scots to Savannah. Once the group arrived in 1736 , the Highland Scots established a settlement called "New Inverness"(Darien). A few years later in 1739, some of the Darien leaders signed a petition about slavery not being introduced in the colony of Georgia. This ban was not decided until 1749. The University of Georgia (UGA) is the oldest, largest, and most educational institution in Georgia. It was established in 1785, and was the first university in America to be created by the state government.In January 1961 Hamilton Holmes, and Charylne Hunter became the first African Americans to enroll. In Georgia, the Piedmont region is the second largest region. It holds most of Georgia's population. The Quartering Act was passed June 2,1765 as an indirect tax on the colonists.During the act colonists were required to provide barracks, and supplies for British soldiers, and also let the soldiers stay in their homes, but the colonists didn't want that.
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