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Choosing the right tool for your presentation

PowerPoint or Prezi? Or...

Carmen Marina Pop

on 25 October 2015

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Transcript of Choosing the right tool for your presentation

Now Prezi

Good tool for a LINEAR presentation
Begins at point
Progresses through events
Finally reaches the point
People are familiar with the format
Latest PPT versions include more features
Begins at point
Linear format, finding or skipping slides to adapt to an audience when needed is not easy
Generally, only common features used, about
If not used well, presentations are boring
Non-linear navigation
Multiple paths
from point A to B
Quasi-infinite canvas
to layout your ideas
in & out
Limited design options: few fonts and colors

exit - nonexistent
If too much zooming and panning some people complain of motion sickness
Good for explaining:
Step by step ideas
Linear processes
Charts and data
charts, tables
Avoid boring things as:
bullet points, lists, common cliparts, Excel charts
Of course, that's you usually see, but it’s far from the PPT potential…
To look at the big picture/details
To move back and forth and interact with the audience
Map background
Do not overuse zoom and panning
Place objects close together to smooth transitions and use small rotations
Both PowerPoint and Prezi have their place
PowerPoint has some advantages for the medium to low business presenter, especially because at 8% of features it is very easy to use. Who cares? Almost all PowerPoint presentations are identical...
If you want to create an interactive experience for your audience and a “wow” factor you should consider Prezi. Or to use PowerPoint at 100%
My recommendation is to consult a presentation specialist and find out what is the best solution for your particular presentation. Don’t forget, you can mix PPT and Prezi or look for another presentation tool
Sabin Cora

''People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, 30% of what they see but about 50% of what they see and hear...''
Dr. Jerome Bruner
Psychologist, New York University
''Presenters who combine verbal with a strong visual component are 67% more persuasive...''
Research, Wharton School of Business
First, the importance of a good visual presentation
Can print handouts of the slides
Let's start with PowerPoint
Now, which one to use?
8 %
Co-create with your team in the same Prezi in real time
- nonexistent
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