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Urban Photography

No description

Marlene Mateo

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Urban Photography

Fullerton; Two Different Cities?
Cal State Fullerton & Surrounding Area
Parks & Recreation
Fullerton Arboretum
Fullerton, CA
Population: 133,441
Average Income: $50,000-$74,999
Average Pop. Age: 25-34
Race & Ethnicity: White 55.5%
Hispanic 35.3%
Asian 19.5%
Urban Photography
Hesc. 471
Marlene Mateo

Convenience stores near CSUF. Affordable for college students. 99 cents store now sells produce but not very "fresh."
Craig Regional Park
There are a lot of Fast Food places nearby.
New restaurant available at the convenience to students living at UH housing. Right downstairs!
Independence Park
Parks=Built Environment
Craig Regional Park and Fullerton Arboretum are both located in the Northern part of Fullerton and Independence park in Downtown Fullerton.
There is a very obvious difference between parks with Craig Regional Park and the Arboretum having more open space and availability to stay active. In contrast, Independence park has a small space with a very small playground for children and is located in an unsafe environment known for violence and gang activity. This makes people more unwilling to visit the park lessening their physical activity which ultimately affects their health.


Albertsons serves the Caucasian population and is located in the Northern part of Fullerton, while Food 4 Less serves the Hispanic community and is located in Downtown Fullerton. Albertsons provides organic food while Food 4 less serves more traditional Hispanic food that contains more fat and calories.
Fullerton College
Major Freeways
Major Schools
CSUF="Commuter school"
Located at CSUF but is open to the public. It's mission is to help visitors gain knowledge and appreciation of nature and plants by providing a very open space. People can plant their own gardens and admire the scenery. This gives people access to fresh produce. This can also help students relieve stress, helping their mental health.
Provides visitors with open space, small lake, rose garden,bicycle and hiking/walking trails. Parks like these give people easy access to physical activity by providing a safe environment to walk, run, or exercise.
This park provides children with a small playground and a baseball field to help increase physical activity but is located in an unsafe area (Downtown Fullerton).
Has better quality food at an increased price. Even provides Flu Shots!
Albertsons Video
Food is more organized. Provides better quality food such as fresh fruits, vegetables and even sushi!
Average quality food at an inexpensive price.
Many signs are in Spanish; convenient to the Hispanic population. Has many Hispanic products such as chile molcajete, spices, and beladoras.
Difference Between Supermarkets
Difference Between Parks
Supermarkets= Service Environment
Fullerton provides a mixture of convenience stores, supermarkets, and parks. There are many fast food restaurants located in almost every corner, affecting my nutrition. I can go running at various parks to keep active. But I can't help but notice that there is an obvious difference between Downtown Fullerton and the surrounding area of CSUF. The food, houses, and even the people are different.
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