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WSU Student Involvement

TRD Student Involvement Presentation

Samantha Hege

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of WSU Student Involvement

Student Involvement
at Washington State
University ASWSU Associated Students of Washington State University ASWSU Branches Executive Branch
President, vice president, executives

Legislative Branch
Student senators

Judicial Branch
Student justices

Diverse array of groups with
many leadership opportunities Compton Union Building 314 Multicultural Groups! Multicultural Student Services Multicultural Fraternities and Sororities CUB Multicultural Centers Culturally based clubs -Tutoring
-Study Tables Multicultural Groups! Staying active at WSU! Outdoor Recreation Center Student Recreation Center PEACT Classes Spiritual Community Google Pullman Churches Campus Media Cable 8 Daily Evergreen The Chinkook Yearbook KZUU 90.7fm KUGR kugr.wsu.edu Greek Life at WSU gogreek.wsu.edu Multicultural Greek Chapters Professional Greek Organizations Todd 216 during intrest sessions Athletics at WSU Watch our Teams! Be the athlete yourself! Student Entertainment Board -Concerts
-Special events
-CUB art gallery
-Up All Night Academic Clubs Ask your advisor tomorrow! Find someone else in your major and plan to go in the Fall! The Involvement Experts OCs Student Involvement Office CUB 320 Cougsync Make your experience at WSU more than just classes! Build your resume Network Have some fun Getting a Job in Pullman -Social Events
-Community Compton Union Building 4th Floor CUB 304 Committees seb.wsu.edu Campus Media Hollingberry Field House Greek Life at WSU studentinvolvement.orgsync.com Check
Cougsync Buy a sport pass when you register for classes! Intramurals Club Teams ($129 for 11-12) GO COUGS! studentjobs.wsu.edu Get applications while you are in town, don't wait until fall!
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