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Coral Reefs @ The Philliphines

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Swaggar McYolo

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Coral Reefs @ The Philliphines

You're Welcome Coral Reefs @ The Philippines Coral Reefs @ Philippines - The Current Affair What are coral reefs?
- Coral reefs fix Themselves onto the underlying coast through living roots that anchor themselves into the coast
- Have hard exoskeletons to protect and
support themselves (Like Ants) #1 Substantive: Preservation of the marine ecosystem at Apo Island. Tankoo Project By Shawn
Zhi Jian
( The Environmentalists ) For Those Who Don't Know - Better Quality of life due to healthcare, technology, equality, etc ( Secondary 2 Geography)
- Population increases
- More food needed
- Traditional Fishing methods not good
enough Alternative policy: What we (The Environmentalists) believe in Long Term Sustainability instead of economic growth through tourism. What the Tourism Development Board wants to do and its implications Short Term Benefits
- Profit due to excess fish
capture by foreigners via unsound means
- Corals degenerate
- Less fish
- Less tourism in future (Coral is a
popular aspect of a
tropical country) - A section of the coast is reserved as a
'no fishing zone'
- Coral is allowed to flourish in that
- Majority of Philippines marine habitat
is restored
- Villagers now fish near the edge of
the cordoned off area
- Fish population increased
- Higher rates of fish catchment
- Philippines' main revenue restored
- Tourists attracted to budding coral
- More Revenue
- Better Quality of life
Coral reefs are affected by:
1) Tourism industries pollute the sea
2) Unaware tourists can damage reefs
3) Fishermen use unsound methods of fishing

These factors affect coral reefs negatively. Conclusion #2 Substantive: Negative impacts on villagers at Apo Island. 1. Most of the villagers living at Apo Island are fishermen. Fishing is their livelihood, way of life, there. Without it, their lives would be negatively affected as it can no longer go on. It is their source of food, revenue and times to have some recreation there, and is integral to them. It would be taken away if the coral reef there is destroyed as the marine ecosystem would be gone. The fishes would either die or leave. This is undermining to both the tourism board and environmentalists. This is why we present to you our alternative policy compared to the tourism board's policy. Therefore, we believe in not polluting the environment. The environment matters much more than any monetary sum, simply because no amount of money can fix the environment. No amount of money can restore coral reefs to the way they were. - Grow best in shallow, clear, warm and agitated
(Have lots of activity) waters
- Occupy less than 0.1 % of earth's ocean
- Are home to more than 25% of all marine life
on earth
- Very Fragile Ecosystem
- Very sensitive to water temperature change
- Affected by a unique combination of
environmental conditions which include heat,
light, air, temperature, vegetation, farmlands,
town and cities. - People resort to harmful fishing
methods to increase rate of
- Blast Fishing (TNT in the water to
kill mass amounts of fish)
- Cyanide Fishing (Dump poison into
the water to shock the fish;
Marine forms of Chloroform) - Coral Reefs = Animals
- Also affected by chemicals
- Degenerate due to chemicals
- Softer, Easier to Break
- Unable to spawn
- Less fish to catch
- Philippines' main source
of revenue cut off
- Tourism also less due to
degeneration of coral
reefs as a tourist
- People's livelihood drops Basically: if these factors continue, the coral reefs in Apo island may be harshly affected.
2. Furthermore, this may also lead to more flooding because at Apo Island, the coral reef there serves as a natural barrier for strong waves. The coral reefs will help slow down the speed and impacts of waves on the coastline. Without it, flooding will become frequent and this would severely hinder the lives of the villagers. This is due to the fact that flooding would ruin and damage their homes, schools and shops present on the Island. Therefore, coral reefs are an imperative to the lives of villagers at Apo Island. This is why our policy is the wise one to go with. We have told you how the coral reefs of Apo Island are integral to the marine ecosystem there and the livelihoods of the villagers, showing you how important it is for the reefs to be preserved. We have shown how tourism and foreign fishermen are detrimental to the Coral reefs there. Hence, please go with our side, the side of Earth, our home. - Its consistent
- Ensures continuation of revenue
- Ensures the continuation of a
peaceful life for villagers
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