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Top 10 Technology Trends in Education

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Maggie Hedge

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Top 10 Technology Trends in Education

Top 10 Technolgy Trends in Education
Coming in 2015
Flipped Classrooms
Augmented Reality
Wearable Technology
Collaboration across classrooms-even countries

Speech to speech
Blended Classroom
Cloud Storage
Adaptive Learning

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This concept has students do online work at night for homework.
This could be watching on-line lessons done by the teacher or assigned from the web.
When students are in the classroom, teachers can now focus on deepening the student's understanding or providing authentic assignments,
instead of content.
Using traditional things as "triggers" to send students to virtual learning experiences
Applying game mechanics and designs to engage and motivate students.
Can also be used to simulate learning activities. This can increase recall to almost 90%.
Storing work in the "cloud" instead on specific computers.
Allows access anywhere/anytime.
Allows multiple people to work at one time!
Less expensive than paper-based textbooks
The site www.epals.com connects students in other classrooms in other countries. It is regulated by the teachers with all messages going through the teacher's approval.
The kidblog.org site is another teacher-controlled communication in which all entries is monitored by the teacher before posting to the blog site.
More current than printed textbooks because information can be updated constantly
This is seen through devices such as the fitbit for fitness, Microsoft Hololens, and Google Glass.
This is also seen on game-based tools like the wii.
Can easily tailor pedagogy, curriculum and learning styles to adapt to the needs and interests of individual learners
Can collect immediate feedback and data to constantly evaluate and adapt skill level
This type of classroom blends technology with traditional methods of learning. It may include a composition book for the interactive notebook, yet use Google Sites or Google Docs to store specific files as a class electronic portfolio.
Apps like Google Translate are used to translate into just about any language. It can use the camera to take a picture to translate. It can use the speaker to translate by voice, or it can translate a typed message.
Another similar app includes iTranslate.
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