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Miley Cyrus' Influence On Others

No description

Gina Liles

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Miley Cyrus' Influence On Others

Miley Cyrus' Influence On Others
By: Gina Liles and Yanyza Dominguez

About Miley
Miley started off as Miley Stewart/ Hannah on the well-known Disney show Hannah Montana. She starred in more and more movies which made her even more well-known. Her fame got the best of her and she decided to change. She dyed her hair blonde and shaved it. She also started to do some things that no one would expect out of Hannah Montana.
Who was the person making the decision?
Miley Cyrus
What was the decision the person made?
She chose to change her hairstyle, dress different (tight clothing), and do different things like sticking her tongue out everywhere, and make twerking an international hit.
How did it affect them in their career
It made her even more famous, caused people to think she's crazy, and gained and lost fans.
How or did the decision affect others? Who did it affect?
It affected her fans and their parents/guardians, people world-wide, and other celebrities. Some of them decided to follow Miley by twerking and also sticking their tongue out. But others felt that it was wrong and disgusting so they chose to block her out of their life. Some chose to support Miley, others didn't
What will you have done in their situation
Gina: I would have stopped immediately. I would be embarrassed and uncomfortable if I dressed and acted like Miley. I wouldn't be able to handle the hatred from the people either.
Yanyza: I would not even do it. I would feel ashamed and embarrassed of myself if I put myself out there to the public.
How did the person make the decision?
She used the "Yellow thinking hat" to make her decision. Miley thought that if she changed her appearance, her fans' thoughts of Miley as a little girl will be gone. She didn't want to be thought as Hannah Montana anymore.
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