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How the pencil changed over time

No description

Madison Coulter

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of How the pencil changed over time

creation of the pencil
Ever since the first pencil it has changed by color, size, material, different cores, charcoal, grease, and water colors(Magar). The pencil has grown many ways. In the beginning it was a stick of graphite. Now it is a writing device that is a main object for almost anything & everything.
The pencil appeared in the time of Ancient Rome(pencil history:the earliest forms of self expression).
In the beginning the pencil was a graphite stick that was used to mark sheep.(who invented the pencil).
The pencil is a hand held device for writing, marking, or drawing. It helps write(Henry).
My opinion: There really wouldn't be school work. We wouldn't have a writing device to write anything.
By:Madison Coulter
How the pencil changed over time
Miss.Tiller's third block
The growth of the pencil
The pencil changed because of the lead inside of it.
They changed the lead because they realized it was toxic.
in text citation
There will be no different impact in the future. It will still help write(Henry).
The Pencil is an important object that has made most of our dreams or goals possible.
Thank you for watching.
This picture is showing you a change in the pencil.
This is a pencil from the ancient times
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