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Chantal Gomez

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Journalism

How are advertisements tied into Journalism?
The method is objective, not the journalist
The Rise of Internet News
Decline of Newspapers
Newspapers began to suffer in the 1920's with introduction of the radio.
It was supported entirely by advertising and offered news more quickly and "free".
When television began broadcasting news in the late 1940s and early 1950s, it took a toll on the power of newspapers.
According to an article on The Guardian, released last summer, the newspaper market is declining 8% a year.
Anton Deer
Arianna Maugeri
Chantal Gomez
What is Journalism?
What kind of jobs does the field of Journalism offer?
Job Opportunities

According to CNN Money, a new survey from the University of Georgia, shows that the tide may be turning for journalism graduates.
56% of Journalism graduates landed a full-time job roughly six to eight months after graduation in 2009, during the depths of the recession.
Then, in 2011, there is a jump to 62%
Finally, in 2012, 66% of Journalism graduates were able to land full time jobs after college.

The activity of
Gathering, assessing, creating
and presenting news and information
Fulfills the mandate to serve public
The ultimate purpose of news
is to inform. It is a form of
communication that keeps us
up to date with the changing
events, issues, and characters

Isaiah Resto
Jobs for Journalism Graduates
How have the number of jobs available, changed throughout recent years?
News, for the most part, is free in this
day and age.
With the rise of online media outlets, big
companies are forced to turn to advertisements
to make most of their money.
Most newspapers actually have more space
dedicated to
than to actual
Objectivity in Journalism
How does objectivity affect Journalism?
Why has paper news sales suffered with the growing technologies or our modern world?
Will Internet News be the new norm for media?
It is a balancing act for Journalists to juggle personal views, and unbiased facts.

One of the main objectives in Journalism is to try and remain as unbiased and objective as possible.
This idea of objectivity became part of Journalism as recently as the 20th century.
Its important to remember that the media and all out news is written by actual people. People who have their own opinions and who think differently than we do.
But the real issue lies not in making sure there's NO bias, but just in managing the bias that will inevitably be there and trying to show all sides of the story.
Freelance Writer
Art and Design
Photo Editor
Press Representative
The rise of bloggers
Blogs are regularly updated websites or web pages, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written informal or conversational style.
According to a US Court ruling last year, everyone benefits from the First Amendment's protections, making bloggers legally equivalent to journalist.
There is more emphasis on immediate news. The idea of being the first to report the news has put a lot of stress on journalist.
Program Director
Broadcast Technician
Schedule Manager
Film/Audio Editor
Production Supervisor
Sound Mixer
Executive Producer
Floor Manager
Script Writer
Copy Editing
Project Editing
Publicity and Promotion
Contracts and Permission
Business and Industry

Management Trainee
Business Communications
Public Relations Writer
Documents and Procedure
Market Analyst
News Releases
Advertising and Marketing:
Media Buyer
Publicity Director
Information Specialist
Media Selection
Copy Writer
Graphic Design
Communication/ Public Relations:
Script Writer
Press Representative
Program Planner
Publicity Programmer
Communications Coordinator
Web Reporter
Web Editor
Web Designers
And way more...
Starting in this field you can
make anywhere from 32,000
to 42,666 a year.
According to an interview with Steve Jobs in 2010, the reason why newspapers are not in high demand anymore is because newspapers have changed. He believed that people are willing to pay for content. He did not want to see everything moving towards electronics. However he felt as though it would not take long for print news to be radically different.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs and his opinions on Internet News
RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. This saves time because you don't needing to visit each site individually.
A Journalist must be comfortable:
Interviewing people
Recognizing deadlines
Building contacts and sources
Fact checking
Creating blog publications.
Depending on the line of work,
traveling may be necessary to get the job done.
Newsrooms are trading in high-salary, more experienced journalists for younger, more flexible journalists with great multimedia skills but with less knowledge or experience in the field.
The relationship between journalist and reader has changed.
Journalist use social media to post questions, track down sources, and learn more about a particular topic.
Readers use social media to obtain daily news reports and comment about various news events.
P.S. These are my parents.
"If it's not new, it cannot be news"
News needs to be kept up to date in order to be relevant. That's why online news is becoming the more viable option. It an be updated every hour. Not just every day .
Here are the steps Journalists must take on a daily basis to get the story...

1). Must have a strong understanding of journalism in order to develop a "nose for news" (a sense of what might develop into a good story).
2). Must be able to sense when someone is lying or shading the truth or when the information and events they encounter simply do not add up.
3). Must be competitive
4). Must understand the single main standard of journalism which is, getting information before anyone else has it.
5). Must be accurate in gathering and presenting information and make these things their chief goal.

Characteristics of a Journalist
What skills are important in a Journalist?
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