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Apple's company Presentation

Marta Palacios

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of APPLE

What is Apple? -Multinational

-Headquartered in California

-Designed and produced electronic equipment and software Who are the creators? -Steve Jobs
-Steve Wozniak
-Bill Fernandez How did Apple computer born? -Steve Jobs met Wozniak thanks to Bill.
-Wozniak created Apple I.
- Presentation at the Homebrew Computer Club.
-oportunity to create a bussines.

On April 1, 1976 Apple Computer was born. Which are the products? iPad iPhone iMac Belén Molina: Sales Boss Sandra García: Márketing Boss Marta Martínez: Sales Representation What about competition? Sofía Loarco: Project Boss The Apple's future
-Present the new iPhone 5s in
June (2013)
TIM COOK . THE NEW BOSS. - New innovation: Imessage and Icloud .

-iPhone 4s: sales record. - Apple throws: Itunes 10.5 and I Os.5 Sales level -Microsoft software: More important than Apple

-Mobiles: Apple sells more than Samsung. Questions?
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