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Natural Resources

No description

Auriana Qualitza

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Energy Resources
Energy resources are dependent on their location, the amount of pollution they create, the cost of converting it into usable energy consequences if using it.
Fossils Fuels
Fossil Fuels are substances found in Earths crust that were formed over millions of years from the remains of dead organisms.
Ex. Coal,Oil
Things We Use

Paper- Trees
Paper bags- Trees
Pencil- wood and lead
Silverware- Metal
Plastic Bags- Petroleum
Computer - glass, metal, and electricity
Electricity- Natural Gas
Renewable Resources
Renewable Resources are natural resources that can be replaced.

Ex. Some examples are air,soil, freshwater, wildlife, and forest.
Nonrenewable resources are natural resources that are not replaced when moved.

Alternative resources are resources that help relieve the stress placed on fossil fuels.

Ex. Solar Panels, Wind energy, Hydroelectric energy, Nuclear energy.
Things That Come From Trees
The things that come from trees are paper, pencil, fruit, chairs, and
Natural Resources are features of Earth help people in their everyday life.
Ex. Energy Resources is the sun, wind,
moving water, Earth's internal heat, tides,
coal, oil, biomass, natural gas, fuel.
Ex. Rocks, minerals, and
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