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Youtuber's Of The WORLD!

No description

Ryan Ewart

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Youtuber's Of The WORLD!

YouTube's Of The WORLD!
Name: Toby Joe Turner
YouTuber ID: Tobuscus
Born: Osborn, Mississippi, March 3rd, 1985
Lives: Los Angelas, CA
Known For: Happy wheels, vlogs, and LP's.

Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
YouTuber ID:Pewdiepie
Born: Gothenburg Sweden (Still lives there)
Known For: Amnesia, Brofists.
Name: Mark Edward Fischbach
YouTuber ID: Markiplier
Born: June 28, 1989
Lives: Somewhere in California
Known For: Pink staches, Slenderman, drunk Minecraft
Name: Michelle Smith
YouTuber ID: MagnaMinx/TheRPGMinx
Born: October 1, 1983
Lives: In Britian
Known For: The Queen of Let's Plays
Name: Ian Hecox (Left) and Anthony Padilla (Right)
YouTuber ID's: Smosh, Smosh Games, and SHUT UP! Cartoons
Born: IAN- November 30th, 1987
ANTHONY - September 16, 1987
Lives: Sacramento, California
Known For: Too much to mention...
Name: Joshua Ovenshire
YouTuber ID: Jovenshire
Born: May 18th, 1987
Lives: Sacramento, California
Known For: Losing in

Name: Matt Sohinki
YouTuber ID: Sohinki
Born: August 29th, 1987
Lives: Sacramento, California
Known For: Beating every single game!

Name: David Moss
YouTuber ID: Lasercorn
Born: April 24, 1984
Lives: Sacramento California
Known For:
Name: Mari Takahashi
YouTuber ID: Atomic Mari
Born: November 8th, 1987
Lives: Sacramento California (Originally Japan)
Known For: Super Mari FunTime!
Name: Dane Boedigheimer
YouTuber ID: DaneBoe
Born: Minnesota on Sept. 28th, 1979
Lives: Riverside, California
Known for: Talking fruit that is annoying.
Name: Freddie Wong
YouTuber ID: FreddieW/Rocketjump
Born: Seattle Washington, Sept. 13th, 1985
Known For: VGHS, and making really awesome videos with guns.

Name: Ray William Johnson
Born: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August 14th, 1981
Known For: =3 (Equals Three), and Tig Ol' Bitties
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