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Handsanitizer in Computer Labs

No description

Caroline Stephenson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Handsanitizer in Computer Labs

Adding Handsanitizer to Purdue Student Computer Labs Introduction Problem Solution Allocation of Funds How do we know what we are talking about?

How does this affect you as Purdue students? Spread of infectious germs by coughing
or sneezing into one's hand Our computer keyboards in the Purdue computer
labs are a haven for infectious germs Those germs spread to the keyboard
where they are passed to the next
student who uses that computer Students who eat in the lab allow for food crumbs to fall between the computer keys Obviously, food is a great environment for bacteria to grow on 1. 2. We propose putting hand sanitizer dispensers in each computer lab, to stop the spread of germs and untimately increase the healthiness of Purdue's students Types of Hand Sanitizer Types of Dispensers 1. Gojo Brand 2. Generic Brands 3. Purell Brand 1. Industrial Dispenser 2. Foam Dispenser 3. Automatic Dispenser Sanitizer and Dispenser Saving Money $1,080 72 Automatic Dispensers 72 12oz bottles Additional Refills (for up to 3 months) $1,008 Total $2,088 Push saves on less students treated
Students save on less trips to the doctor Conclusion 2. Foam 1. Liquid
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