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Emmy Horner

No description

Karen Durigan

on 26 March 2018

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Transcript of Emmy Horner

Global Women's Inequalities
By: Emmy Horner

United States
The United States is so close to having women and men treated equally, but they do have some things that are still unfair between women and men. In the world, the United States is ranked 19th in having men and women treated equally in roles of power. Women make up only 1/5 of elected members of congress. In the United States, more women have a very high level of being able to read and write than other countries. More girls go to all levels of school in the United States then in other countries.
Middle East
One of the main places that women are not treated equally to men is the Middle East. In the United States, government and religion are two different things. In the Middle East, religion plays a large roll and matters more in their law. Women can not automatically make their children citizens. Men can not only make there children citizens, but they can also make there non-national wife a citizen. The greatest gender gaps are identified primarily in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. In the Middle East women do not have all the rights that they would have if they lived in America or other countries with similar laws.
Females around the world are not being treated equally to men. Here are some statistics to tell you more about this. Women in the U.S. are able to get jobs almost as good as a mans but their payment is still 26% lower than a males. At the current speed things are going it might take 45 years before women and men are treated equally. Only 4 of over 135 nations have succeeded in having women and men treated equally. The nations are Costa Rica, Cuba, Sweden, and Norway. About 5,000 females a year in Zambia suffer having there children killed if they are under the age of one.
Basic Information
I have been reading Ten Days Of Madwomen and had a question... Are women still treated unfairly in the world today? Here is what I found.
Pakistan is another one of those countries where women and men are not treated equally. Here are some ways that women and men are not treated equally today. In Pakistan, women are expected to agree to arranged marriages. Refusing can lead to "honor killings" that usually don't cause anyone to get in trouble by the government. Also, if a baby boy is born they make a huge deal about it, but if a baby girl is born they are almost disappointed. On top of that, if a female is mistreated there has to be five male witnesses to prove it. If there are not the girl goes to jail.
Saudi Arabia
In Saudi Arabia there are many things that women can't do but men can do.

Women in Saudi Arabia can't:
-Get married, divorced, travel, or have a job without permission from there male guardian.
-Just be with a male whenever they desire.
-Be in public without being covered by a black abaya.
-Run some businesses without a male sponsoring them.
-Keep their children if they get divorced from their husband.
As you can see there are places in the world where women are not treated equally to men. Hopefully sometime in the near future this will change.
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