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The Odyssey: Themes and Symbols and Why It is an Epic

books 12-14

Timothy Linhardt

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Themes and Symbols and Why It is an Epic

The Odyssey Books 12-14 Why It's an Epic by homer Prezi by Timothy Linhardt is an epic Epic poems need: a large area gods and goddesses Odysseus a hero Odysseus lots of courage Themes Heroism Evil's Attraction Sacrifice Struggle Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Symbols irens' song dysseus cylla Char bdis Cattle of He ios Sirens Charybdis Scylla Helios's Cattle Calypso (Odysseus and the Sirens) song's led to death
odysseus attracted to them (Odysseus' board voyage) (Sailing between Scylla and Charybdis) Had to fight and struggle while losing many lives towards Scylla
Odysseus struggled to stay with his board while floating past Charybdis (Sailing past Scylla) Odysseus sacrificed men to pass through the straight
He risked his own life to pass
The men knew it was dangerous (Odysseus throughout) gods and goddesses help and hinder him
survives Charybdis twice
Respectful of helios and his cattle temptation and lust Life Your past things we covet The Future Scylla and Chary dis an impossible decision Circe Mistakes you've made Questions Questions S S Questions
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