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West Virginia

No description


on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of West Virginia

-nicknamed the mountain state because
it is very hilly and rugged

-it has the Appalachian mountains witch extend all the way to Canada

-about 3/4 of the land is forest

-the altitude is 1,500 feet
-the Civil War split apart families

-WV was created in the middle of the Civil War

-VA and WV were 1 state until VA left the union in 1861

- Native Americans were the first people to settle in WV
This is the West Virginia state house
10 Facts About West Virginia
Mothers day was made in WV
WV has the oldest population
Cecil Underwood is the oldest governer
WV has the lowest crime rate
15% of the nations coal comes from WV
WV is first state to have sales tax
WV made the first church
The motto is "mountaineers are always free."
First steamboat was launched in WV
World largest sycamore tree is in WV

West Virginia
-one of the poorest states

-rich in natural resources

-one of the most important resources is coal

-also has natural gas, limestone and oil
This is WVU football

these are the
Appalachian mountains
Capital: Charleston
Abbreviation: WV
55 Counties
2 U.S. senators
This is Cheat Lake
Daniel Boone lived in WV
This is
Daniel Boone's house
Road Map
Physical map
Historical map
Economic map
Road map
Cheat Lake to Daniel Boone's house is 180 miles

Daniel Boone's house to Appalachian Mountains is 100 miles

Appalachian Mountains to Charleston capital is 40 miles

Charleston capital to WVU stadium is 200 miles

WVU stadium to WCE is 1460 miles

NICE DAY!!!!!!
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