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Sample Theme Videos and Images

No description

Simon Gooch

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Sample Theme Videos and Images

Theme Hunting...
Draw a line down the middle. You'll need an extra sheet or two. Make sure your name is on all of them.
For this activity, get a piece of paper.
And- oh yeah- I'm taking this up.
We're going to look at a variety of media: comics, art, and video clips.

You should track what happens (the plot / details) on the left side of your paper.
(Head this side "DETAILS")
Track what you think the theme is on the right side.
(Head this side "THEME")
Take a look at each individual panel. BRIEFLY describe the action and DIALOGUE (remember that vocab word?) on the left side of your paper.

After, we'll take a few minutes to discuss the theme.
We'll start with a comic strip.
On the left side, write down what is actually happening.

After the video is over, I'll give you a few minutes to think about what belongs on the right side of your paper.
Now take a look at this video.
After a bitter, bloody battle in the Pacific during World War II, Americans claimed the island of Iwo Jima.
This photograph captures American soldiers lifting up the flag after their victory on the island.
Keep this in mind when you consider the thematic significance: this photo was posed specifically to boost people's morale back home!
This one might need some background.
This is about a KIWI bird.
A KIWI is a type of flightless
bird that looks like this:
Fair warning...
this last one is a real tear jerker.
There you have it! Please make sure your name is on all of your papers and pass them forward and to the left.
Cheat Sheet for Determining Theme
Check out the title
does it give any clues to the theme?
what about the cover art?
Pay Attention to Detail:
Look for repeating patterns, objects, or symbols
do those objects or symbols have important roles in the story?

chances are, if the author keeps bringing something up, it must tie in to the deeper meaning of the story.
check out the characters and their relationships
generally authors are very particular about what details they choose to include -- give even the smallest details a second look.
What kinds of conflicts are present in the story?
What are those conflicts over? Is there a clashing of ideas?
How might the issue be bigger than the characters?
Are there any ties we can make to society at large/ the "real world"?
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