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Treasure of lemon brown

No description

armdas emile

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Treasure of lemon brown

The Treasure of Lemon Brown Characters: Lemon Brown, Greg Ridley
Mr. ridley( Gregs father)
Setting: Harlem, New York
Conflict: Greg is in danger of not playing for the scorpions because of his math grades Exposition Rising Action #1 Greg is in danger of not playing basketball with the Scorpions because he is failing math so he leaves instead of studying He runs into an abandoned apartment building because it begins to rain. Rising Action #2 Greg meets Lemon Brown, a poor man who was living in the abanded apartment building, for the first time and he threatens him. Rising Action #3 Lemon Brown tells Greg about his treasure Rising Action #4 Three thugs break in, to steal Lemon Brown's Treasure Climax Lemon Brown told Greg the story of how his son died Falling Action #1 Lemon Brown shows Greg his treasure Falling action #2 Lemon Brown tells Greg that he is going to East St. Louis, when Greg asked if he will be okay. Falling Action #3 Greg thinks about the lecture his father will give him when he gets home and smiles. Resolution
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