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Online Dating

How has online dating changed the way we comunicate and interact with other?

Kaitlin Consolino

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Online Dating

How has online dating changed the way that we communicate with others? Some say that it has made us less personal The makers of Match.com The guys who started it all. The first "dating website" Matchmaker.com started as a pen pal network in 1986, but later changed into the modern day dating website Match.com. The original founders were Gregory Scott Smith and Jon Boede. Or maybe a little too personal 26 percent did not reply to survey due to technical error
44.2 percent said they did it to exchange ideas
21.2 percent participated out of curiosity
11.5 did it to kill time
7.7 percent did it to meet social needs
Survey portrays the comfort zone people get
while using online dating

238 People surveyed Risky Business:Why People Feel Safe in Sexually
Explicit On-Line Communication Since online dating originated, it has continued to expand.
largest paid content on internet
exceed 932 million in 2011
Steadily growing to become the norm in dating
Many People of the “Baby Boomer” era are starting to use online dating
Online dating: a new form of communication Online dating Regular dating and meeting new people User 1: User 2: Hey I like your picture ;) Fine. User 1: User 2: User 1: User 2: Ummm, thanks How are you today? DELETE One example of a real life incounter Just fine? Why not great? 1. You get to know the real person.

2. Getting to know the real person allows you to know fall in love with who the person really is, and not just fall for outward appearances or how a person looks.

3. For the frugal minded person, online dating saves you a lot of money.

4. When you look to the web for that special someone, you are able to be yourself, to relax more, and perhaps not feel so pressured to impress the other person. You are allowed to just be you.

5. When the two of you are comfortable enough with each other to meet in person, the first meeting will mostly likely be absolutely wonderful.

6. You have hundreds of people to meet, which gives you a great chance of finding someone for you.
A few benefits to online dating Since online dating is so new to us it's not yet fully enmeshed into history. However it is a big part of our culture and peoples day to day lives. As time keeping going online dating is only expected to grow and expand. Culture and day to day life of online dating Values and lifestyles of online dating When filling out a profile for a online dating site they ask you lots and lots of questions.
What you do for a living
Hobbies and free time
Common interest
Policital view
General questions about you
General quesions about want you are looking for

There is someone for everyone. You could be happy just like them!
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