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Analysis into Front Cover

No description

Emily Shakles

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Analysis into Front Cover

Analysis into Front Cover
Elle is a very well known magazine, so like the other covers I have analysed, the entire masthead does not have to be seen. Instead, it is partially covered by the model's head. The font seems fairly sophisticated, which could imply that this is for a mature audience, which is quite a large scale. The current audience of Elle magazine is mostly women between the ages of 18 and 49. It is quite a large size as well which can signify that it is a popular magazine, and it's a bold red colour which could show that it is a 'loud' magazine, because red is quite a bold and loud colour. To the left of the masthead is the edition of this magazine, "U.S. edition" - this tells the reader which country the magazine is based on.
The model we see here is Kristen Stewart. She may have been used for this magazine because she is very well-known and a popular celebrity tends to attract the attention of the target audience. She covers the majority of the magazine cover which suggests higher class or importance. The image is also subtly photoshopped to make her skin look clear and bright, as if there is a shine to it; lighting would also have helped with this. She is slim and is wearing a black dress with no sleeves - this is possibly a representation of what women should look like. If not, it is the target for what women want to look like. This can also be linked in with her hair - thick, glossy and long. Her makeup is smoky and she is looking directly into th camera. This makes it seem as though she is looking straight at you, saying to you "buy this magazine".
Sub story
This sub story is near the top of the magazine, much like the main story - this shows importance yet again. The heading of this article is "Fashion". It is in the same font and is the same colour as the masthead - this maybe signifies that this is an article that is shown in every issue of this magazine, and shows it by following the continuing look of the masthead. '300+' is the largest font of this sub story. It's used to catch the eye of the reader, because it is a large number, and the reader will want to know what it's going to be about. The word 'best' implies that you can't get anything better anywhere else, this magazine has the best and they're all must-haves, which again, will attract attention. It gives a brief list of what it is about and end with '& more!' This will make the reader want to know what else is in the magazine, which may possibly persuade them to buy it.
Sub stories
All these sub stories continue the colour scheme and font scheme of black and red and very bold and very thin. The first article is about diets. '3 diets' is in the largest font and it has been put like this because this is something the target audience is interested in. Most women are obsessed with dieting, and it's in pretty much every magazine.
Topic 5
Main story
The main story relates directly to the model; "Inside the secret life of Kristen Stewart". The article itself slightly overlaps the model and is very close to her face. The fact that it is just below the masthead shows the importance, and the fact that it is overlapping her could link to it being about her. The colours match the general scheme of the magazine - black and red on white. Her name is in the largest font and has almost been put in a 3D way, with shadow behind it. This is to make it look like it's standing out on the page and is overall more likely to catch your eye. The size of it also signifies the importance of this particular article, with it being the main story. 'Secret life' is sure to gain attention beause people are always wanting to know what happens in every famous person's life so seeing an interview that reveals something about them is something that just has to be read; this will possibly persuade them to buy the magazine.
Sub stories
The first article has 'perfect swimsuits' as the largest font of the sub story. The word in bold shortly after is 'every' in the phrase 'for every shape'. This is used to tell the reader that there will be a perfect swimsuit for them no matter how they look - it's used to build self confidence within them, which will make them want to buy the magazine. The second article is in an overall thicker font and is also red in colour; the one before was black. This general colour scheme of the articles makes the cover look more interesting - if all the writing was the same colour, it would look plain and boring. 'From a good body to a great body' is in the thickest font. 'Great' is in italic to exaggerate it. The title also implies that everyone reading this magazine has a good body - another boost in their self confidence. 'What it really takes' to me suggests that there is a secret to it, and if there's a secret in this magazine, people are going to want to buy it.
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