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Untitled Prezi

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Sarah MacAlpine

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Sarah MacAlpine Hammy The Hamster “Spin, spin, spin”, goes the wheels as I get my morning run in. I walk over to my water and have a drink. “Mmmm, that tastes good!” I was pretty thirsty after that work out. Suzie starts to wake up and I’m excited, it means I get food soon! I start to make lots of noise in my mansion. It has an exercise wheel, and an upstairs that I can climb a ladder up to. My downstairs has a box that I love to sleep in. I also use that as my hiding spot from Max. Max doesn’t like me very much. He usually comes up to my mansion and barks and growls at me. Suzie is up and walking over to my cage! “Hooray” I squeal. “I get food!” Suzie opens my cage and fills up my food dish. She then pets me and picks me up and I love being held. I nuzzle my head into her hands. "Suzie! You’re late for school” yells her mom. “Coming mom!” Suzie yells back. She quickly puts me back in my mansion and slams the door shut and rushes out of the room to go to school. I notice Suzie forgot to lock my door. “Hmmm, should I go explore? It’s pretty scary out there…..!” I say to myself. Maybe I’ll just go a little bit outside my house. So I open my door and carefully walk out. Suzie’s room is a mess! She has clothes everywhere. It feels so good to be out of my house for a bit." I jump off the desk and look around Suzies room. “Grrrrrrrr” growls, Max. “Oh no!” I scream out. I forgot Max is still here and he can smell that I’m out of my house. It’s too late Max has already spotted me. I wonder what I'm gonna do! He’s getting closer. All I need to do is get back to my house, but how? I look around the room trying to find how I can climb back up Suzie’s desk and get back to my house without being seen I just have to make a run for it. I start to run as fast as I can up the leg of the desk. Just as I get to the top Max is there growling at me. I freeze, not sure what to do. His nose gets closer to me, growling even louder. “Oh no he’s got me”. I lay down, defeated. Knowing Max is going to eat me. I close my eyes I feel drips of something on me, to my surprise, Max doesn’t eat me, he starts licking me! “Max!” I yell, “that tickles!”. Max doesn’t stop, I am drenched with drool! Gross! Finally he stops, and I have a chance to stand up and shake all of this disgusting drool off of me! I scurry into my house and slam the door shut. “Phew, I’m safe!” I exclaim. I smile to myself because exploring was kind of fun! Max wasn’t so bad after all. He might be big and scary on the outside, but he actually liked me! Maybe I’ll go explore again another day, and maybe be brave enough to play with Max again. As long as he doesn’t lick me to death!
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