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Board Orientation

No description

Early Learning Coalition

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Board Orientation

Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend Region, Inc.
Board Orientation

Board Orientation
Part One

About the ELC
ELC's History
The Numbers: Year to Date
Key Services
School Readiness
Voluntary PreKindergarten
Child Care Resource and Referral
Word Garden Library
Additional Services

Voluntary PreKindergarten
The Voluntary PreKindergarten Program (VPK) is a constitutionally mandated program designed to prepare Florida's four-year-olds* for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success. Participation in the VPK program is free for all four-year-olds born on or before September 1st of each year and who are Florida residents.

*Five-year-olds whose birthdays fall within a certain time frame have the option of choosing between two program years.
ELC's Funding
ELC is allocated funds on an annual basis from Florida's Office of Early Learning to administer the School Readiness and Voluntary PreKindergarten programs for its seven county region.

This fiscal year, ELC received approximately
23 million
from the State of Florida to administer these two programs. Of these funds, approximately
15 million
was allocated to School Readiness services, and approximately
7 million
was allocated to Voluntary PreKindergarten services.

ELC also receives additional grant funds to provide services. These funds come from United Way in Gadsden, Jefferson, Liberty, Taylor and Madison Counties, as well as from the Community Human Services Partnership (CHSP) which represents Leon County, City of Tallahassee and United Way for Leon County. While the amount that ELC receives varies each year, ELC is typically awarded about
annually from these programs.
About the Board of Directors
Current Members
ELC supports families as they help their child develop early literacy skills by providing them with quality children's books. Through the My First Books program, a quality children’s book is given to each family who visits any one of ELC’s six service centers. Word Garden Libraries are located in each of ELC's service centers and books are displayed so that children can choose their very own book.

Last year, ELC was able to distribute more than 14,000 books to children in the Big Bend Region. This would not have been possible without the generosity of our community partners and private donors.

Word Garden Library
Monesia Brown, Chair
Tara Orlowski, Vice Chair
Eduardo Gonzalez-Loumiet, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair
Current Vacancy, Secretary
Natasha Simon, Advocacy and Resource Development Committee Chair
Jim McShane, Audit Committee Chair
Christian Caballero, Program Policy and Strategy Committee Chair and Appeals Committee Chair

Board Membership
Commitment of Time
ELC is a private not-for-profit organization that provides services to children, families and child care providers in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla Counties. ELC works collaboratively with families, children and child care providers to help prepare children for success in school and support families' ability to work.

ELC has service centers in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla Counties.

About the ELC
As a contracted partner with the State of Florida's Office of Early Learning, ELC is responsible for the administration of the School Readiness and Voluntary PreKindergarten programs for its seven county service area.

ELC first began operations in 2001 as the Leon School Readiness Coalition as required by Florida Statute. In response to legislative requirements, ELC has gone through several transitions, mergers and name changes. In 2005 ELC expanded its service area to encompass the seven counties ELC serves today.

ELC's History
Additional Services Provided to Children, Families and Child Care Providers
From time to time, ELC will hold events, book drives and other campaigns to raise necessary match funds, resources and awareness. We ask that our board members support these important efforts.

Board Membership
Commitment to Support
ELC is contracted with approximately 260 child care providers and provides opportunities of professional development for each provider.

Some of the ways ELC provides professional development include:
Online trainings
In-person classroom trainings such as CPR and First Aid, as well as a variety of other courses
One-on-one staff to teacher support and advice
A fully stocked resource room with a myriad of educational kits, tools and resources that child care providers can check out and use in their classroom
An annual conference specifically geared towards child care professionals
Offering child care providers access to the Teaching Strategies GOLD Program (TSG). TSG is a nationwide assessment tool that has been identified as the first online tool designed to guide teachers to meet the needs of each child

To get all the most up to date information on how many School Readiness children we are serving, how many providers we are contracting with, and how much we have spent on direct services for our School Readiness and Voluntary PreKindergarten Programs you can visit:
The Numbers: Year to Date
Vision and Mission
School Readiness

Voluntary PreKindergarten

Child Care Resource and
Key Services
School Readiness
Without School Readiness assistance, a family with two young children earning $19,891 a year will spend about 50% of their income on child care. With our help, the family will only spend about 7% of their take home pay on child care. With the high cost of child care, many economically disadvantaged families find it difficult to afford child care so that they can go to work. The School Readiness program provides tuition assistance for child care to these economically disadvantaged families.

The School Readiness Program has three specific eligibility requirements:
Parent(s)/guardian(s) must be working or participating in an educational activity such as attending college or trade school at least 20 hours per week;
The family's gross income must be at, or below, 150 percent of the federal poverty level for their family size to enter the program; and
Parents are required to participate in the cost of child care through a co-payment that is determined utilizing a sliding fee scale based on their family size and income.

Families are enrolled in the School Readiness program when funding allows. Otherwise ELC maintains a waitlist for families requiring services. Families are then contacted off the waitlist in compliance with priorities established by Florida Statute, and when funding and slots become available.

Please go to our website, http://www.elcbigbend.org to see how many children the ELC is currently serving.
We ask that our board members be our voice in the community and spread the word on all the great services that the ELC provides to the children, families and child care providers we serve.

Board Membership
Commitment to Educate
Choosing out-of-home care for a young child is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. It can be an overwhelming, intimidating, and at times a frustrating experience. The choice is also complicated by the variety of options available to parents.

A parent has to consider many factors when selecting a child care program for their young child, including location, affordability, and availability. It is also critical that parents consider which type of care is best for their child, including what type of curriculum best supports their child's needs and the professional credentials of the staff.

ELC's Child Care Resource and Referral program will help parents make informed decisions when choosing a child care program for their child. While personal recommendations are a great resource, it is imperative that parents be well informed regarding the child care options best suited to their needs.
Child Care Resource and Referral
Board Membership
Commitment to Support
Board and Committee Meetings are held quarterly and typically last for approximately 60-90 minutes. These meetings can be attended either in person or by conference call.

Contact Information
A conflict of interest may occur when an action item is presented for a vote that will directly affect you, your employer, or another organization with which you are involved.

Each voting member of the ELC’s Board of Directors must abstain from voting when a voting conflict exists. It is the duty of each member to make known either verbally or in writing to the Chair when a conflict exists. The member must then abstain from voting and/or participating in actions to be taken on the item for which they have a conflict of interest.
Conflict of Interest
As a state funded organization, ELC must adhere to Florida’s “Government in the Sunshine” laws. Florida's Government in the Sunshine laws provide members of the community with a right of access to meetings and proceedings at both the state and local level.

Sunshine Law applies to all Board and Committee Meetings, as well as any meeting with two or more members of the same board to discuss any matter which will foreseeably come before that Board for action. Sunshine law requires that meetings of boards, such as the ELC’s, be open to the public, that reasonable notice of such meetings be given, and that minutes of the meeting be taken.

So, can two members of a public board attend social functions together?
Members of a public board are not prohibited under Sunshine law from meeting together socially, provided that matters which may come before the board are not discussed at such gatherings.

For more information on Sunshine Law, please go to http://www.myflsunshine.com.

Sunshine Law
ELC’s main office is located in the Edgewater Corporate Center at 2639 North Monroe Street, Building C- 300, Tallahassee, FL 32303.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our staff.

Matt Guse
Chief Executive Officer
(850) 552-7338

Samantha Zadikow
Executive Coordinator
(850) 552-7336

For a full staff listing please see the staff directory on our website under 'About Us':
For more information on the ELC, please visit our website: www.elcbigbend.org
And don't forget to like us on Facebook!
On behalf of the children, families and child care providers we serve, thank you so much for your willingness to serve on our Board of Directors.
90% of a child's brain development occurs before age five. Therefore, it is imperative that parents actively monitor their child's development to ensure that their child is meeting expected developmental milestones. Conducting regular hearing, vision, and developmental screening with children is an effective method for objectively monitoring a child's development. Through the School Readiness program, ELC provides early intervention services to families and child care providers that promote a child's healthy development.

ELC has the capacity to conduct hearing, vision and developmental screenings for all children ages birth to five participating in the School Readiness Program. From the results of these screenings, ELC provides parents with activities to work on with their children and referrals to other specialized community resources to assist a parent with a child's developmental issues. ELC also offers technical assistance to child care providers with children that have additional needs.
Professional Development
Board Membership
Commitment of Time
As a member of the ELC's Board of Directors, we ask each member to make a commitment of time to attend board and committee meetings, events, fundraisers, orientations and trainings. In addition, each board member is to serve on one committee and educate themselves on the issues addressed by that committee.

Your attendance at meetings and events is very important to the success of the ELC. If you are unable to attend a meeting in person or by conference call, we ask that you please let our Chief Executive Officer, Matt Guse, know by either phone or email.
To learn more about the My First Books Program, donating books, donating funds to purchase new books or holding a book drive, contact Morgan Evers at (850) 552-7325 or by email, mevers@elcbigbend.org.

Thank You
Thank you for your time
Thank you for your talent
Thank you for your treasures

Thank you so much for joining our Board of Directors!

Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend Region, Inc. (ELC) is fortunate to have a Board of Directors that is actively engaged and 100% dedicated to ensuring children receive quality early learning and care, and parents' ability to work.

Part Two

About the Board of Directors
Board Membership
Time Commitment
Commitment to Support
Commitment to Educate
Sunshine Law
Conflict of Interest
Contact Information

Provide leadership and advocacy that builds a community where all children are prepared for success in school.

All children are prepared for success in school.

(Part VI, Chapter 1002, Florida Statutes)
(Part IV, Section 1002.92, Florida Statutes)
(Part V, Chapter 1002, Florida Statutes)
Previous Board member Maria Pouncey and ELC Staff Sharon Wright reading at Storybook Village on January 26, 2016.
Board Membership
Commitment to Support
Additional Services Provided to Children, Families and Child Care Providers
As part of the Child Care Resource and Referral Program, the ELC also helps parents by providing them with information regarding other resources they may need including, but not limited to housing, transportation, clothing, food, shelter and counseling.

Lance Anderson
Josh Aubuchon
Kim Barnhill
Kelley Dettmer
Carolyn Harden
Allyce Heflin
Miatta Jalaber
Tony Lightfoot
Dr. Luisa Martin-Humes
Roger Milton
Kristin Olson
Zana Raybon
John Selover
Daniel Wagnon
Tasha Weinstein
Our committees consist of:
Executive Committee
Advocacy and Resource Development Committee
Appeals Committee
Audit Committee
Finance Committee
Program Policy and Strategy Committee
Some of our more recent events supported by our Board of Directors include:

State Statutes
VPK Education Program:

SR Program:
Upon request
child in the Big Bend Region
may receive screening.
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