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Fiona's Presentation

No description

Layla-jay Fox

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Fiona's Presentation

REQUEST: Let's have a
conversation that makes
a difference Permission to share a 'declaration' to enrol you and move us into action behind our commitment That you listen from P not I Conversation that makes a difference Little voices will kill or create possibility That you respond from P not I Missings
Breakthrough Find the flow Right/Wrong Like/Dislike Dominate/Avoid Dominate Checklist For BT:

Is it something NOT predictable?
Does it bring into existence something that wasn't there before?
Will it create a shift in other people's reality?
Does it require a willingness to be incomfortabe? There is no way that things should be... We will work together to create a new generation of public services for millions of people across the UK by 2014. It is 2011 and I declare the possibility that we are working brilliantly together in partnership "Creatively" engaging the business Social Media Web Case Studies Powerful Stories "Dragons Den" design and delivery teams for innovations Building change capacity (with no money!) AB Stuff Facilitation Skills ALS Coaches Mentoring Colour Works "Sharing" resources to play to our strengths Delegation Process Consultation Resource pool Resource Pool:

Looks across organisation
No boundaries, internal/external
Paid/not paid
Build a pool of resources to share in order to deliver outcomes
"Work for partnership"
Learning opportunities
Commercial principles are considered and not boundary mitigated
Project team style delivery
Temporary teams
Commericial vehicle to sell skills to others Dragons Den:

Embed a culture of innovation in organisation
Constant stream of ideas
Take risk/identity/encourage ambition
Passionate exciting people
Apply the businees rigour
Primarily around apprentices
Build skills and capacity
Organisation development
Show opportunity
Not one off Business Engagement:

Creative non-traditional ways of reaching
Social media
Interactive dialogue
Twitter followers
Really get to people and let them know about stuff that they are interested in
Become the main place for information like 'Google'
Everyone having an 'advocate' role Capacity for Change:

Change coaches
Mentoring relationships
Colour works embedded and used more
Sharing information for development
Agilisys university
Running "master classes"
Training delivery in line with business demand Different Models Podcasts Self Service Learning pool
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