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Edu Pencil 3D - 48101

Available at Prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Edu Pencil 3D - 48101

3D background
Discovery Elementary 2015-2016
Designing Critical Pathways for Deeper Learning

Discovery's Phenomenal Classified Staff

Office, Custodians, Librarian, Aides, Daycare, Cafeteria
School Site Council Election Year
Two year Commitment
Safety Protocol
SBAC Assessment
scores have not been officially released
at this time
Discovery Elementary
scores ranked
at the top in the
Fruitvale School District

Discovery's Five "Instructional Strategies"
that Promote Learning
Curriculum Focus
Stated objective, goal or target

Engagements Prompts

Close Reading

Students collaborating and communicating

Conceptual Understanding
Procedural Fluency
Strategic Competency
Adaptive Reasoning
Productive Disposition
Mathematical Proficiency
Focus Area
Great Attendance Leads to Student Achievement
Discovery’s monthly attendance percentages

1st 99.07 2nd 99.01 3rd 98.68 4th 98.06 5th 98.35 6th 98.45 7th 98.81 8th 98.62

Discovery Technology
Discovery has 64 new Chrome Books and 32 Acer notebooks along with our computer lab and technology lab schedule
Two certificated mentor teachers for primary and intermediate classes
District wide procedures during and after an emergency event.
On going discussions with BPD about how best to keep our campus safe.
Lock down & emergency drills.
Supervised entry gates in the morning.
Closed campus during the day.
The Culture of Discovery
The Discovery Way
Kindness and Compassion
Proactive approach toward bullying
Supporting one another as a PLC and colleagues
Wellness Program
New Lunch Menu,
and the
Kids Love it!!

Session One: 7:00-7:25

Session Two: 7:30-8:00
Open House Schedule
Have a Great Evening!
President: Janelle Capra
Vice-President & Co-Chair, Box Tops: Crystal Maxwell
Treasurer: Julie Means
Secretary: Cassie Rivera
Cruz Thru: Chair, Brandy Arredondo
Room Parents: Chair, Julia Hoogland
Chair, Special Events: Michele Rheiner
Co-Chair, Box Tops: Patrice Salas
Chair Hospitality: Jena Westmoreland
Chair Communications: Jennifer Wilson

Discovery's PTC

Master core academic content
Think critically and solve complex problems
Work collaboratively
Communicate effectively
Learn how to
Develop academic mindsets

Discovery Deeper Learning Students:
Coherence across the grade levels in writing that will prepare all students to be confident, proficient, and effective 21st century writers!
Great writers are great thinkers!
Focus Area
Writing Skills
Step Up to Writing
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