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Working With Text Documents

As per the need of GSEB .......

Madhav Trivedi

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Working With Text Documents

Working With Word Processor What is a Word Processors? What are the advantages of using a Word Processor? Continue...... Which are popular Word Processors? Word Processor is a computer program that is used to compose, edit and format documents on screen and also print them. Where is Word Processor used? In offices word processor is used for preparing letters, posters, reports, circulars, memorandum, etc.
Authors use a word processor for preparing their articles and manuscripts of books.
Students use it to prepare project reports, while teachers prepare questions papers in a word processor. 1. Correction of mistakes can be done on-screen during the process of creation of document.
2. A document can be revised any number times during the process of its creation.
3. Creation of document can be done in the desired format using different fonts, font sizes, font styles, font colours and formatting paragraphs. 4. Automatic Checking of spellings and grammar.
5. Facility to cut/Copy and paste a part of document or the entire document. This saves a lot of time when we have to create two documents, the content of which are not very different from each other.
6. Insert pictures, tables and graphs into document.
7. View header and footer to insert page number, total number of pages, date and time.
8. Print the entire document or selected number of pages.
9. Save a document for future references. Microsoft Word is a very popular word processor.

Open Office is another popular word Processor Word processor like MS Word and Open Office has following components: Components of the Word Processors: 1. Title bar: That displays file name, program name and the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons.
2. The Menu bar displays main menus.
3. The Standard tool bar displays the icon buttons of frequently used tools.
4. The Formatting Toolbar displays the icon buttons of the tools used for formatting.
5. Text area
6. Drawing toolbar displays icon button of tools used to draw lines, arrows, circles, rectangles and text boxes.
7. The Status bar displays the current status (page number, line and column numbers etc. ) of the document.
8. The vertical and horizontal scroll bars can be used to scroll through the document.
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