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Garden of Eden: From Utopia to Dystopia

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Ryan Charles

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Garden of Eden: From Utopia to Dystopia

Garden of Eden: From Utopia to Dystopia
In the Bible in the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve live a perfect life in the Garden of Eden that God provided for them. But not for long...
In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, and sin enters the world.
Adam and Eve living in the Garden during Genesis 1-2 is an example of a utopian lifestyle. When they first sin by eating the forbidden fruit during Genesis 3, the World becomes a dystopia. They tried to live a perfect life, but the corruption of mankind eventually transformed the world into a dystopia.
The existence love, family, and fellowship is when Adam and Eve live a perfect utopian life in Genesis 1-2. The entrance of evil is when Adam and Eve first sin, therefore exterminating their perfect life before. This is when the dystopian lifestyle comes into play. The heroic battle is man's constant struggle to strive to be perfect and sinless so they can be with God again. The victory will come when Jesus comes back and God creates a new Heaven and Earth, thus returning the utopia.

Our theme is the transition from a utopia to a dystopia. This means that the society will begin as a perfect place, and through evil or sin it will become an imperfect dystopia.
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