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deedee edmonds

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of PARAGUAY

Demographics(a.k.a the boring stuff)
Paraguay is one of the smallest countries in south America
It is bordered by Brazil, Argentina,and Bolivia.
It is populated by over 5 million people
Their official languages are guarani and spanish
Paraguay is a landlocked country which means in order to gain access to the ocean they use one of its neighbors such as Uruguay,Argentina,or Brazil.
Their currency(money) is called guarani same name as the language that they speak
Agriculture is a large part of Paraguay takes up 16 %of the country. They specialize in things such as sugarcane,soybeans,limestone and much more.
works cited

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Paz y justicia is the phrase that is on the front side of the flag meaning peace and justice
The flag of Paraguay was adopted in 1842
what makes the flag so special is that instead of the image on the front being mirrored on the back there are two different images on the front and the back

This video shows you how to prepare a famous dish called sopa Paraguay (a.k.a corn bread with cheese)

In Paraguay this dish is considered a side dish or after meal treat
ingredients: onion,corn meal,flour,butter,goat cheese or pig fat
Sopa paraguay
Agriculture is a very important sector in the country’s economy; It contributes sixteen percent to the GDP. Cotton, sugarcane, soybeans, corn, wheat, tobacco, cassava (tapioca), fruits, vegetables, beef, pork, eggs, and milk are the major agricultural products. Sugar, cement, textiles, beverages, wood products, steel, metallurgic, electric power are the major industries of Paraguay. China, Brazil, Argentina, United States of America and Japan are the major trade partners. The country imports machinery and electrical equipments, motor vehicles and fuels, lubricants, mineral fuels, plastics, fertilizers, rubber articles, paper, toys and beverages. The country also has a small mining industry; limestone, gypsum, marble, salt, copper, bauxite, uranium, peat and iron are some of the major minerals found in Paraguay.

on the front of the flag is the coat of arms
(more information on the flag in the last slide)
This is served with most meals in Paraguay because it is the national dish of this country.
The flag details
And on the opposite side is the treasury seal
Paraguay's flag is not only one of the oldest flags, but the only flag that has a different image on each side
Deonne Edmonds
The map of Paraguay
Paraguay is one of the smaller countries in south America
The national dish of Paraguay
Paraguay declared it's independence from Spain on May 14,1811
The first european explorers arrived in Paraguay in the 16th century
Juan de Salzar established the city of Asuncion(the capital) in 1537
After being declared independent Paraguay was ruled by three very powerful men over 80 years
First was Jose de Francia second Carlos Lopez Third was carlos' son Francisco Lopez
Paraguay is smaller because, when fighting a war against the triple alliance (Argentina, Brazil,and Uruguay) They lost the war and most of their land
(she is speaking guarani)
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