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IT Roadmap

No description

Jodi DeArmond

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of IT Roadmap

Geary Community Hospital IT Roadmap 2011

| August 2010
Paragon Pharmacy
Go Live June 2011
Paragon 10 Go-Live November 2010
Paragon Hardware Update September 2010
Paragon 9.4
Update Jan 2011
Paragon 10
Test Stimulus Objectives CPOE (Computerized Provider Order Entry)
Drug/Drug, Drug/Allergy Interactions
Patient Problem List (Physician Maintained)
Maintain Active Meds List
Allergy List (few updates)
Demographics - Cause of death (PA/HIM)
Vital Signs - Add growth charts/BMI
Smoking Status ...continued Exchange Key Health Documents
Summary of Care
Med Reconciliation - Pushed back to Phase 2
October 2011
Stimulus Phase 1 Deadline What Does CPOE mean for us?

Better patient care/Less duplicated orders
10% of IP orders need to be from provider in electronic format for maximum reimbursement by October 2011
100% of IP orders need to be electronic by 2013

I am not a physician...why should I care? CPOE CPOE works best with order sets
Nursing staff will need to review orders
Less mistakes (more legible orders)
Management of an unmaged process
Requires CPOE superusers 24/7
Workflow Changes?
CPOE runs through WebStation for Physicians
ED system will be an optimized CPOE system CPOE Pending Projects CPOE (Phase 1)
Med Administration (Phase 2)
Med Reconciliation (Phase 2)
Phys Documentation (Phase 2)
Health Information Exchange Clinical Lab Tests - Add LOINC ability
Patient List - Already there
Quality Reporting - 3rd party (MQ)
Min. 5 Clinical Decision Support Rules (14)
Eligibility - Met with RTE
Submit Claims - Already met with CA
Electronic Copy - Export information to CD/USB drive for patients
Discharge Instructions ...continued Why Upgrade American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 - aka Stimulus
Approximately $2,000,000 in additional reimbursement beginning in 2011 from Medicare/Medicaid
Penalties begin in 2016 if you do not comply
New features (Physician Documentation, CPOE, etc) Paragon Pharmacy CPOE Physician Documentation Paragon Road Map Med Administration Med Reconciliation New hardware required
Current hardware is four years old
Speed improvements
More storage space
Better disaster recovery CCHIT Certified
HHS Certfied
Security/Audit Enhancements
Print Services Enhancements
Interface Enhancements
ICD10 Support (Required by 2013)
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