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Matthew Tyler-Jones

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Skyrim

The Elder Scolls:
The narrative structure of
Before the Storm
Bleak Falls Barrow
The Whispering Door
A Blade in the Dark
Diplomatic Immunity
Alduin's Wall
The Blessings of Nature
The Golden Claw
Dragon Rising
The Fallen
The World-Eater's Eyrie
Missing In Action
In My Time Of Need
The Way of the Voice
The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
The Throat of the World
Elder Knowledge
Alduin's Bane
Imitation Amnesty
A Chance Arrangement
Taking Care of Business
Loud and Clear
Dampened Spirits
A Cornered Rat
Speaking With Silence
Hard Answers
The Pursuit
Trinity Restored
Darkness Returns
Under New Management
The Book of Love
Delayed Burial
Meet the Family
Scoundrel's Folly
Truth Ore Consequences
Innocence Lost
With Friends Like These...
Rescue from Fort Neugrad
Compelling Tribute (Stormcloaks)
The Battle for Fort Sungard (Stormcloaks)
A False Front (Stormcloaks)
The Battle for Fort Snowhawk (Stormcloaks)
The Battle for Fort Hraggstad
Battle for Solitude
Summerset Shadows
Joining the Stormcloaks
The Jagged Crown (Stormcloaks)
Message to Whiterun (Stormcloaks)
Battle for Whiterun (Stormcloaks)
Liberation of Skyrim
Discerning the Transmundane
Kill Narfi
Bound Until Death
Kill Hern
First Lessons
Under Saarthal
Hitting the Books
Good Intentions
Revealing the Unseen
The Staff of Magnus
The Eye of Magnus
Kill Beitild
Mourning Never Comes
Whispers in the Dark
Waking Nightmare
Pieces of the Past
A Night To Remember
To Kill an Empire
Death Incarnate
Hail Sithis!
Kill Ennodius Papius
Breaching Security
Kill Lurbuk
A Daedra's Best Friend
Ill Met By Moonlight
Laid to Rest
Making Friends and Influencing People
Build Your Own Home
Gharol's Message
The Heart of Dibella
Sanuarach Mine
The House of Horrors
The Taste of Death
The Lost Expedition
Reunification of Skyrim
Joining the Legion
The Jagged Crown (Imperial)
Message to Whiterun (Imperial)
Battle for Whiterun (Imperial)
A False Front (Imperial)
The Battle for Fort Dunstad (Imperial)
Compelling Tribute (Imperial)
The Battle for Fort Greenwall (Imperial)
Rescue from Fort Kastav
The Battle for Fort Amol
Battle for Windhelm
The Man Who Cried Wolf
The Wolf Queen Awakened
Lights Out!
Rjorn's Drum
Silver Lining
Tending the Flames
Pantea's Flute
The Dainty Sload
Finn's Lute
Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!
The Silence Has Been Broken
The Cure for Madness
Recipe for Disaster
The Dark Brotherhood Forever
Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head...
Take the Hidden Treasure
After the introductory adventure, Unbound, the player is free to direct the character they made anywhere in the world
If the starting player chooses to follow a guiding Non-Player Character (NPC), he will point them towards the beginning of the central adventure
But they might easily be distracted, and join a fight to free Skyrim from "the Empire"
Or, they might choose a different NPC guide and be led towards joining the imperial faction
Each story, once chosen, is a generally linear narrative, with very few branching choices to make
The most notable exception to the linear style is a narrative in which the player is invited to join an assassins' guild, but can opt to fight them instead
There is no "roll the credits" moment. When you've completed one narrative, you simply wander around until you find another story to start.

Though, when you've already saved the world, liberated (or reunited) Skyrim, AND become a master assassin, it can seem strange to start as a novice again...
is a fantasy land, scattered with story seeds that are waiting to be nurtured by your character
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