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Copy of Search Safety

No description

Julia Johnson

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Search Safety

Search Safety
Kids across the country are hitting the internet and it can be hard to stay safe... but not impossible. With these cool sites you can have fun and be safe.
Kid Rex Kids Search Engine
Kid Rex is a search engine for kids powered by google. It automatically blocks adult content, but there are some loopholes in the filtering. All in all Kid Rex is a great site for kids.
Click this link to check it out!
Sweet Search
When your researching it can be hard to find good sites on your topic, not to mention the rps block. But with sweet search you can find good clean websites on just about anything! They have travel brochures and guides for a new angle on your project.
Click here!

Quintura kids is another research website. It's a bit different from Sweet Search though. Not only will it help you research, but it might help you find a topic too.
Click on one of the main topics to get a start on you project.
Once you have an idea of what you want to do your report on, click one of the smaller topics to learn more.
Aks.com is a good website 90% of the time. So we recommend it for grades 6-12 because it has some adult content. we wouldn't use it at school, though because anyone can answer.
Famhoo is a search engine for families. Instead of Google we'd recommend this as your home page. While it's loading it will even show you that it's filtering out bad content.
One Key
One Key is a lot like Famhoo, but with fun daily extras. They have quotes, birthdays, and events. It's a cool fun search engine for grades 1-6.
This is a great learning resource for homework, and even for teachers at school. You can select your grade level so that you get the best results to fit your needs. This is a great website for grades k-12. There is, though, a slight monthly fee, but we think it's worth it.
Boolify is a new take on research for kids. Not only is it helpful, but as we found, it is fun to play around on.
You drag one of these boxes into a text box. Then you type in the correlating phrase or word. Boolify will then come up with a range of good sites on that topic.
Kids Click
Kids Click is online library of articles for grades 3-8. It pulls up the beat articles on your topic along with pictures, videos, and songs. This is a great site for research.
Aga-Kids is a picture and word search for everybody. It pulls up the best articals and pictures on your topic. It also has games to play, cartoons to watch, and fun comics to read!
Thanks for watching!
We found a bunch of great sites for our prezi on the wonderful blogs...



THanks for watching and be safe online!
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