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Shawn Mendes

No description

Serena Vukosavic

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes
By: Serena Vukosavic

Powerful question:

How did Shawn Mendes become famous?
How did he get to the top?
in August 2013 he posted a six second clip of him singing As Long as You Love Me by Justin Bieber.
By the next day, he was an internet star thanks to the 10,000+ followers.
He was apart of Magcon.
He won Ryan Seacrest's "best cover contetst" which got 1.6 million views.
Manger Andrew Gertler discorvered Shawn online January 2014, bringing him to island records where he signed and released his first single "Life of the party".
He is the youngest artist to debut in the top 25 with a debut song on the billboard hot 100, as number 24 on July 12, 2014 at the age of 15 years 11 months and 4 days of age.
His EP released July 28, 2014
Life of The Party hit #1 in under 37 minutes.
How does he Inspire his Fans?
did a campaign called "Notes From Shawn".
He always tells us (his fans) that we can do anything, nothing is impossible, things will get better, that we are all beautiful, we are strong and we can do anything and to not let anyone tells us we are not good enough and be who we want to be and not what someone else wants us to be.
Inspired many of his fans to play guitar, sing and do what we have dream of and get out of our comfort zone and make our dreams come true.
What inspired him to Sing and Play Guitar?
He was super obsessed with watching cover videos on YouTube.
His biggest inspiration is Ed Sheeran.
He made his YouTube channel on January 18, 2011
He started posting vines in 2013.
Auditioned for Glee Club at his his school and got in.
A couple of his friends encourage him to make YouTube videos.
How did he get to the top?
How does he inspire his fans.
What inspired him to sing and play the guitar?
Sub Questions:
Personal Anecdote
Everyone knew who Shawn Mendes was but...
50% Liked him
31% disliked him
19% only liked one song
Extra Facts
Now has nearly 3 million followers on vine.
Life of The Party lyric video came out June 30, 2014.
Life of The Party reached #1 on the iTunes.
Taught him self how to play Guitar.
Gained interest in music a just a few years ago and it was sort of really random.
Vine sensation.
He was apart of Magcon.
Ed Sheeran is a massive fan and flew Shawn down to LA to talk about fame.
Full name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes.
Can only speak one language (English)
He was born in Canada to a Portuguese father and English mother.
Won a teen choice award in 2014 for webstar music.
Went on tour with Austin Mahone and is going on tour with Taylor Swift.
He says he is a normal teenager with a abnormal career.
Writes his own music.
born on August 8, 1998
Has a lazy eye
Claims that he is really bad at photo shoots, and so he had to create an alternate personality, and his name is Benito.
In conclusion, I hope you learned something new about Shawn Mendes like how he got to the top, how he inspires his fans or what inspired him to sing and play guitar.
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