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Churrasqueria "Cantinho do Corcovado"

No description

valere estrada

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Churrasqueria "Cantinho do Corcovado"

Churrasqueria "Cantinho do Corcovado"
Physical Problem: The restaurant's host is not equally distributing guests to the servers tables. The servers are very upset and angrily expose their concerns to Marcelo
The wait staff is supposed to equally distribute part of their tips to the buzzers and dishwasher but is failing to do so.
Marcelo is a Brazilian businessman who recently opened a Brazilian steak house in downtown Scottsdale.

After a couple of weeks he starts ecountering several difficulties that were not an issue back in Brazil. He develops a plan on how to deal with them according to the United States.
Solution: Marcelo talks to the Managers about seating problems and decides to convoke the staff to a meeting .
Marcelo writes a memo to the staff members:
Attention “Cantinho do Corcovado” staff members, there is a mandatory meeting on September 24, 2013 at 13:00. This meeting is with the purpose of discussing important information about restaurant procedures. All staff members are required to attend this meeting.
Marcelo convokes everyone to a meeting to let them know the new policies and to talk to them about ethnic harassment.
Workplace Policy for Tips
Waitstaff will share 3% of every tale served with the buzzers and dishwasher.

The three buzzers are pretty upset about the situation and give Marcelo their two week notice.

Marcelo has to look for new buzzers instead of looking for new managers.
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