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tiger's curse book report

No description

paige v

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of tiger's curse book report

tiger's curse
book 1 of the Tiger Saga

by colleen houck
about the main character- Kelsey Hayes
Kelsey Hayes, 17 years old, the main protagonist, starts off the story as a girl getting a job at a circus, just for extra credit. She gets the job of caring for the white,or BENGAL tiger, Dhiren. She begins to become attached to him, and when a man named Anik Kadam comes to buy him, she is heartbroken. Mr. Kadam lets her go with Dhiren (Ren) to India. She finds out a secret about Ren, and herself, and embarks on the journey of her life.
about the book- tiger's curse
by colleen houck
the book i am reading is the first book in the
tiger series, by colleen houck. i am currently reading the second book, tiger's quest, and the series altogether has 5 books. the genre is fantasy/ mythology. the book starts off in Oregon, but takes place in India. it circulates around the myth of durga, the warrior goddess who opposed Mahishasura, the demon. i have learned a lot about indian myths, and have enjoyed this book.
Kelsey Hayes, 17, gets a job offer in India to care
for the tiger Dhiren (Ren). She discovers that Ren is
really a 300 year old prince of India, cursed by the
evil wizard Lokesh to be a white tiger for the rest of
his life- but Ren is now immortal. He can only change
into a man for 24 minutes of each day.
A prophecy was made that Durga's favored one would break the
curse after finding 4 special objects. Ren convinces his care giver to bring Kelsey to India and tell her about the curse. When Kelsey finds out she is Durga's favored one, she agrees to help break the curse.
In the Indian jungle, Ren introduces Kelsey
to his brother, Kishan. He was cursed to be a black tiger.

Kelsey and Ren travel to Hampi, home of the monkey god, Hanuman. They
discover the Golden Fruit of India, a magical mango that will make any food appear. Due to finding the first object that stops the curse, Ren can
now change into a man for 6 hours a day. (6x4= 24 so each of the 4 objects
they find grant 6 hrs)
tiger's curse
while reading i...............
Some reading strategies I used were:

- visualizing: i visualized many scenes from the book and used what i "saw" to understand the setting of Tiger's Curse
-predicting and inferring: when i knew something was about to happen, i used what the author gave hints about ( i.e. the myth of Prince Dhiren= something to do with the myth happens in book) to predict what would happen.
guess what?!?!?!?
the tiger's curse movie will come out in 2015!!!!!!!!
All at once, my body iced over and became rigid, and my mind was carried
away in a black vision. A burning heat seared my chest, and I stood in complete darkness. A ghostly figure made it's way toward me. It was Mr. Kadam! I saw the amulet he was wearing was glowing red hot. I looked down and saw mine was glowing in the same manner. Another figure swirled up across from us and slowly took form. He was wearing an amulet as well. His quick eyes showed confidence, determination and something else, something dark and... EVIL. He clearly wanted something. His eyes examined me from head to toe and then settled on the amulet around my neck. Gleaming malice and delight swept over his face. I was very afraid. I cried out for Ren, but even I couldn't hear my own voice. The man pulled something from his pocket and started muttering words to himself. Mr. Kadam was becoming transparent. He was turning spectral again. I looked at my arm and gasped as the same thing started happening to me. My mind swirled, I felt like I was going to pass out. I couldn't stand anymore. I fell down... down... down..."
-evaluating: while i read, i questioned what the author did. (spoiler alert!!!) why did Kelsey leave Ren after she fell in love with him? what would i do differently?
by: paige villeneuve
a story of love and adventure
about the author - colleen houck
-used to be a student at the University of Oregon
-lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband and a stuffed tiger
-she worked as a sign language interpreter for 17 years.
- is one of my favorite authors!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
a recommendation for you
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves
action-adventure, a good romance novel, fantasy, mythology,
animals.... anyone!!!!!!! It is a great young adult book aimed mostly
to girls, but anyone could read it. When you are done reading, the next book in the series practically screams "read me, read me!!!!".
The only not so good thing about the book is the end, which I don't want to give away.
-wrote the Tiger Series/ Saga
and why i chose my book
I chose this book because I can easily relate to Kelsey, and I love Colleen Houck's writing style. I can easily dive right into the book, and escape for a few hours at a time. This book is my absolute favorite, and I hope you will read it.
- her books take place where she was born, so I can tell she tried to base Kelsey off herself.
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