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the outsiders

No description

madison burden

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of the outsiders

the outsiders
chapter 1 basically talks about all the main characters, it also talks about their life style and how they live. In the start pony boy happens to get jumped as he was walking home alone from the movies, which normally you never ever walk alone but Pony Boy got saved before the "socs/the socials" killed him.
chapter two summary
when there drowning pony boy :(
bleached hair
The outsiders is a book and movie about 7 boys "the greasers" they are called the "greasers" because there hair is long and really greasy. These boys don't fit in with most people, the "socs" or the "socials". The socials tend to
the greasers. The greasers live a hard life; getting stabbed, shot, beaten and left on the streets!
chapter 9
the rumble between the two groups the greasers and socials it was planned out for 7 p.m.ponyboy doesnt agree with the idea of the fight at first but he s over it! it was the start of the fight and everyone was in the vacant lot,when the socs got together darry stepped out and said "i'll take anyone" everybody starts to fight and dally showed up and started to fight with one arm.the social lost the rumble! they ran away all of them and later on pony boy goes to visit johnny hes very ill and doesnt have long to live,in fact he died.
chapter 10
when pony boy realizes johnny's actually gone he had a big break down.dally calls and tells the boys he robbed a store,when they get there the police show up! dally wanted to die and he did dally was shot and killed right there on the spot,pony boy passed out in the middle of the parking lot!
by s.e hinton
the outsiders
chapter 8
two-bit and pony boy get to the hospital,the nurses wouldn't let the 2 boys see johnny.the doctor said that the boys could because johnny's has asked for them.the boys see johnny all burned and cut up,johnny told the to boys that 16 is to young to die.pony boy and two bit later goes to visit dally,dally was mad he couldn't fight tonight he yelled at two bit to get his switch blade but he shoved it under his pillow! you aren't allowed you use weapons.
the main characters:pony boy,soda pop, Darry, Jonny,
in chapter 2 Pony Boy and Johnny sneak into a drive-in where they meet two girls that are "socs"! Darry showed up to see his brother with two girls, they didn't want to be with the other boys because they were drinking, so Darry buys them sodas but one of the girls spits it in his face. The girls tell Pony Boy that being a "social" isn't easy but he doesn't believe that.
after the movie ends at the drive in they all decide to go to "Two-Bits" house, as they are walking a
mustang drives by, the two girls who are with the boys reconize that car because its there boyfriends in the car who are Randy and Bob. It gets awkward for a minute but they keep driving, but not for long, shortly after the mustang returns but this time it stops. Two "Socs" get out and want to start a fight but "Cherry" one of the girls that was there stopped it and got in the car and drove away with Bob and Randy, also known as the "Socials".
chapter 4
In chapter 4 the boys go to the park around 2:30 am, they heard a loud car horn and the blue mustang is there. The boys see that there are five "Socs" which means they're out numbered bob and randy get out of the car with three other boys, Johnny grabbed his knife a held it out but Pony Boy had nothing. Pony went to grab something off the ground but before he could grab it, his face dunked under water and he couldn't fight them off fast enough to get air and he started to drown. Pony Boy woke up on the sidewalk trying to get air well Johnny said "i killed him", with Johnn covered in blood, Pony Boy looked over and seen Bob lying in a pool of blood.
after killing bob the boys ran up to the church, realizing that what they did was a crime, they actually killed someone. They fell asleep at the church, when Pony Boy woke up, Johnny walked in with food, cigarettes, soap, peroxide and a deck of playing cards. Johnny cut and bleached Pony Boys hair then Pony Boy cut Johnny's hair, they were trying to look different. They listened to Dally and stayed in the church. when Dally gets there he has a letter from Soda Pop saying how much they missed him at home being that he moved out!After Dally asks about the park they didn't say much. "The boys might be moving to Texas" dally said to Johnny and Pony Boy.
chapter 6
cherry valance is acting like a spy to help the greasers, Johnny said he was gonna turn him self in to the police, everyone said not to, he felt that he should. They left to get a bite to eat at dairy queen when they seen the church on fire. Johnny and Pony Boy screamed "stop" and they jumped out and ran to the church where everyone was standing watching, A lady screamed "my children are missing". Pony Boy and Johnny jump threw the window to try to save them, another man tries to help but couldn't get threw the window. The boys found the kids and took them out the window back to safety. The roof starts to fall and Dally is yelling get out of there, Johnny pushes Pony Boy out of the window just in time but the roof fell on Johnny! a man explains to Pony Boy that johnny and and Dally are in the hospitial with burns and scars! when Pony Boy gets there he sees Dally and then Johnny. Johnny was in way worse condition then Dally was.
the greasers
chapter 12
the hearing with the judge was today, the doctor told the judge about pony boys condition so the judge agreed not to ask to many questions.Pony boy has been faling his grades lately because of depression , the next night Ponyboy and Darry start fighthing about his grades. Soda pop has been very annoyed and upset about there fighting so the 2 boys promise to try and stop ! Ponyboy finds a strange note from johnny........ johnny says in the letter 'the childrens lifes were worth his own".Ponyboy now wanted to write a book about his friends and he did...."The outsiders"
chapter 7

The doctors wouldn't tell the three brothers what the conditions are for Dally and Johnny. Darry tells the doctors that they're all brothers and the doctor tells him the bad news,dally burned his arm badly and johnny was very hurt;his back was broken, he was burned.randy asked pony boy why he saved the children,he said it was his personal decision!the greaser and social planned a big fight tonight pony boy thought it was stupid but he couldnt say anything.
chapter 5
the fight
-happend in a parking lot
-the socials lost
-there were no weapons aloud
-pony boy hated the idea
chapter 11
pony boy is stuck in bed for a week so he can get his rest,pony boy was told he had a visiter "randy adderson" a social and he said he wished he wasnt apart of the gang fight because his fathers upset! randy and pony had an emotional heat to heart talk
chapter 11
pony boy is stuck in bed for a week so his memory can come back.pony boy gets a visiter "randy adderson" he tells pony he wished he wasnt apart of the gang fight he claimed that his father wasnt very happy about the fight and that he wanted him to make new friends.him and pony have a heart to heart conversation
mayor conflict: two groups greasers and socs fight.
rising action:Johnny kills a Social so the two boys run away so the fight wont get bigger.
climax: johnny dies in chapter 9 :(
falling action: the greasers win the fight!!!!!!!, but dally also dies and pony boy has trauma.
chapter 3
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