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The Effect of Color on Short Term Memory

Different colors use to test one's short term memory.

Jackie O'Hara

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of The Effect of Color on Short Term Memory

The Effect of Color on Short Term Memory By: Jackie O'Hara Long term memory Short term memory Memory "The power of the mind to remember things" "What you can repeat immediately after perceiving it" "Your general store of remembered information" 2B 10.12.12 Colors Used in Experiment Black Blue Purple Red Yellow 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Averages of Items Remembered for Each Color For my experiment, the effect of color on short term memory, I tested twenty-five people on their ability to remember items written in different colors. They were separated into five groups - Black (control group), Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow. Basic Info Hypothesis I hypothesized that the darkest color, black, would have the best results since it stood out from the page most prominently. Procedure Given paper with thirty common items
Given a minute to study it
Paper taken away and given a sheet of lined paper
Given three minutes to write down as many items as remembered 19+11+12+12+11=65 ~ 65/5=13 (Black)

19+15+8+7+13=62 ~ 62/5=12.4 (Blue)

8+15+12+11+15=61 ~ 61/5=12.2 (Purple)

14+12+8+13+10=57 ~ 57/5=11.3 (Red)

20+13+7+9+7=56 ~ 56/5=11.2 (Yellow) Data - Number of Items Remembered Analysis By looking at the results of the data, I was able to make my graph which displayed the data. This showed me which color had the highest results. Conclusion This experiment showed that the darker the color, the greater chance that you will remember it. From highest average to lowest average, the color order is - Black, Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow. This is the darkest color to lightest, so even though the amount of items ranged from 7 to 20, the darkest color had the highest average. This proves my hypothesis that the darkest color, black, will help you remember something on a short term basis.
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