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SSLebration 2013

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on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of SSLebration 2013

Civic Engagement Learn2Learn Leadership Grad LinkedIn Assistant - New SSL Unit for the 2012-2013 year

- Provided nuberous one-on-one critiques of LinkedIN profiles to graduate students

- Created and developed a LinkedIN manual and presentation for students Academic Skills - Revamped "Pop the Bubble" blog to better inform students about Hamilton

- Offered a variety of field trips in Hamilton to Locke St., the James St. Art Crawl, and Waterfront skaing

- Incorporated new methods of promoting their unit blog and events SSLebration 2013 Note Taking - Provided a wide range of resources for students with disabilities

- Held a variety of events for registered students, including a Games Night, Altitude Tower Climb, Ugly Sweater Part, and Murder Mystery

- Provided a drop-in space for students to hang out and ask questions - Developed and coordinated the Ignite Leadership Conference, bringing together student leaders from across campus

- Supported women's leadership development throughout the city of Hamilton by partnering with the YWCA to offer the Leadership summit for Women at Hamilton City Hall

- Facilitated both the MacLEAD series and the Mary E. Keyes Certificate of Leadership Development workshops to enhance students' leadership skills Peer Conduct Board - Worked to balance the needs many McMaster Students throughout the year

- Provided opportunities for students to be involved in the student conduct processes under the Student Code of Conduct and the Residence Code of Conduct

- Operated to restore justice and fairness in a lawful framework Student Success Leader Program Career Assistance First Generation
Peer Mentor International and Exchange Mentorship Program Mo-Mac Writing Centre Speakeasy and Conversation Circle Writing Skills Volunteer Connections Wellness Outreach Look forward to Moist Theatre later in the day! •Worked with hundreds of students, in workshops, on-on-one appointments, guest lectures, and special presentations, to support academic success

•Ran first Academic Boot Camp this past January, with demand so high that students were being put on a waitlist within two days of registration opening

•One student said: “Thank you again so much for such a wonderful presentation. I learned so much from it and the way you presented it was so easy to understand and relate to.” - Performed many one-on-one resume and cover letter meetings

- Held a variety of workshops helping students with career development

- Guided students with job searches with job search resources - Prepared and engaged students through summer orientation programs

- Supported and celebrated hundreds of first generation students throughout the year

- Connected students with a variety of campus services through workshops and referrals - Managed over 150 international and exchange student mentorship pairings

- Provided specific support to mentorship pairings throughout the year

- Facilitated a variety of events to help international and exchange students adjust to life at McMaster -Worked with dedication to provide writing support and learning strategies

- Provided over 110 appointments as of the beginning of March

- Received regular positive feedback from tutees for help received in improving writing skills 3 Year SSL Service Awards SSL of Distinction Awards - Served nearly 400 students in one-on-one writing assistance sessions

- Worked with students from all faculties on a very diverse range of assignments

- One Student Said: “The writing assistants are very helpful and are a great resource!” - Witnessed enormous expansion of program participation this year: 62 ESLPs and 52 volunteers

- Held a variety of special events, such as an international potluck in December and a hockey game with the Hamilton Bulldogs

- One student said: “My first weeks in Canada were a little tough, since everything was new and I was far away from my family and friends. The Speakeasy program was really helpful! […] The program … allowed me to make my first Canadian friend.” - Promoted health and wellness throughout the McMaster community to assist students in developing an increased sense of well-being and in recognizing health as a priority

- Created, promoted, and participated in workshops, presentations and outreach activities on various wellness topics, such as WE FIT, to encourage fitness and healthy habits

- Developed bulletin boards and displays to advertise information and suggestions regarding the topics of mental health, nutrition, and sexual health - Connected students to volunteer opportunities throughout the Hamilton community based on students’ area of interest

- Gave students the opportunity to get involved with their community and to make a difference in the lives of others

- Led a new initiative in collaboration with the Bachelor of Health Sciences Society External Committee to create a Volunteer Handbook, which provides students with access to information regarding extra-curricular and volunteer-based opportunities available at McMaster and Hamilton - Assisted Student Accessibility Services with the coordination of the note taking program for students with disabilities

- Communicated with professors regarding access to class notes

- Promoted note taking programs on campus and assisted note takers where needed
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