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Idaho by Hannah

No description


on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Idaho by Hannah

Economic location
A large and popular ski resort in Idaho is Sun Valley. Tourists enjoy skiing, hiking, ice skating,and snowboarding.In 2012 the population there was 1,394.

Historic Location
Political location
The Idaho state capital is located in Boise,Idaho.The capital was briefly located in Lewiston,Idaho.The state capital cost $2,098,455.05 and it was finished in1920.
Geographic location
Hells Canyon is a 10 mile wide canyon on the border of Idaho and a few other states.The canyon was made by Snake river.
1.Idaho is the leading producer of silver,lead, and gold.
2.A big part of Idaho's economy is tourism.
3.One of the most important parts of Idaho's economy is water since there are many large,flowing,rivers.
4.Idaho's top three industries are tourism,manufacturing, and agriculture.

Fun Facts
Fun location
The City of Rocks is a unique geological site in Almo,Idaho.In the 1800's many wagon trains passed through the City of Rocks.The City of Rocks is also called the Silent City of Rocks.The City of Rocks is one of the most famous natural rock climbing areas.
Idaho by Hannah

A view of sun valley
population map
road map
climate map
9.There are a number of ghost towns in Idaho.
10.There is a law in Idaho that you can't fish while riding a giraffe.
1.The state gem is the star garnet.
2.The state bird is the Mountain Bluebird.
3.The Shoshone Falls are in Idaho.
4.Idaho has more rivers then any state in the U.S.
5. The state horse is the Appaloosa.
6.The state fruit is the Huckleberry.
7.The state insect is the monarch butterfly.
8.Idahos highest point is Borah Peak at 12,662 feet high.

Custer ghost town is a 1870's
mining town.Until 1903 the town
was a large,well run mining town.But in
1903 the glory days of mining were slipping
away.Now it is an abandoned ghost town.
-Idaho is mostly mountains
-The states that border Idaho
are Montana,Washington,Utah,
Wyoming,Oregon, and Nevada.
-Idaho has more then 75 mountain ranges.
-Idaho has many lakes and rivers.
-Idaho was one of
the last states to be
-Through 1800 and 1903 mining drew in thousands of people
-In 1860 Idaho's first town,Franklin was built.
-Native people have lived in Idaho for more
then 14,000 years

-The governor is C.L. Butch
-The capital is Boise,Idaho.
-The state abbreviation is ID.
-There are 44 counties.
Road Trip Distance
From Sun Valley to Custer ghost town is
105 miles
From Custer ghost town to The City of Rocks is 279 miles
From The City of Rocks to Hells canyon is 300 miles
From Hells canyon to the state capital is
32 miles
From the Idaho state capital to Denver is 813 miles
Thanks for
Total amount =1,529
political map
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