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Linear Programming Problem

Whities and Brownies by: Javonna, Lizbeth, Rafael, and Abril

abril vela

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Linear Programming Problem

Linear Programming Problem: Whities and Brownies By: Abril, Lizbeth, Rafael, and Javonna Jocelyn is selling two types of browines for her girl scout troop, whities and brownies. She first has to make the two kinds of brownies. Each whitie costs $0.25 to make while each brownie costs $0.75 to make, and she has at most $15 to spend on making brownies. Additionally, Jocelyn was told that by her troop leader that she has to sell twice as many brownies as whities. If Jocelyn wants to maximize her profit and each whitie sells for $1.75 and each brownies sells for $2.50, how many whities and brownies should see sell? Constraints Whities - W
Brownies - B

Time: 0.25W + 0.2B <= 5

Cost: 0.25W + 0.75B <= 15

Regulations: 2B => W

Profit = 1.75W + 2.50B Solving Algebraically Once she makes the brownies, she has to go out and sell them. It takes her 0.25 hours to sell each whitey, and 0.2 hours to sell each brownie. She has at most 5 hours to sell both types of brownies. Solving Graphically Conclusion: Jocelyn should sell 20 brownies and no whities to make her highest profit of $50.
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