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Interview Take-up

No description

Jordan Youd

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Interview Take-up

Be Ye Honest -or at least be a convincing liar
I didn't keep a specific count but at least half of you, when asked about your weaknesses, answered, "Perfectionist." To this I must play my bullshit card.
Ready-Made Ancedotes
When asking a question such as; "Tell me a little about yourself...," "Tell about a time when...," or "Is there anything in your past work history you..." the interviewer is looking for you to demonstrate your quality as an employee.
Managed Conversation
The ideal interview has no gaps, no pauses, no awkward breaks because the ideal interview runs like a beautifully managed conversation.
"Do you have any questions for me?"
There are two reasons that you as the interviewee need to have questions ready when asked; first to demonstrate your interest in the job for which you have been interviewing, second to extend the interview into the future.
Body Language
Remember to always project confidence in the way you sit, in your eye-contact and how you behave throughout the interview.
Interview Take-up
Generally your interviews were quite good.
There are a few specific suggestions that I would like to bring to your attention which I think all of you will benefit from to a greater and lesser degree.
If you don't have any questions right at that point the best thing to say is something like, "I hate to say but I don't actually have any right now. Though I know that the minute that I get home I will get this list of great questions that are going to make you want to hire me. Once I'm home and have all my questions, can I contact you for clarification about them? Is is best to phone or email?
The purpose of this question is not to give the interviewer a reason not to hire you, but rather to demonstrate your self-awareness/knowledge.
The very best way to answer this is to tell them a legitimate weakness of yours and follow that up immediately with a strategy you use to overcome.
As the interviewee it is your job to come to the interview prepared. This includes having an anecdote in mind that demonstrates a value of hiring you.
With this in mind be sure to give answers to questions that can be followed up by the interviewer.
By this I mean include detail, be yourself, do everything you can to be knowledgeable and memorable because it is the person who remains in the interviewers mind that gets called back.
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