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The shape of a girl

No description

lisa salvoro

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The shape of a girl

The shape of a girl
contextual info
Famous songs in 2001
Lady Marmalade


Famous movie that year:
Bully (2001)

famous clothes:
(cargo pants, jean jackets, blazers)

Famous gadgets:
apple ipod, kodak camera
The story of Reena Virk's murder was a significant contextual reference
Reena's murder happened on November 1997 in British Columbia, the same setting as TSoaG
The murder brought a lot of attention and inspired Joan Macleod
Monster in the shape of a girl
Plot summary
colour themes
important world events
"The shape of a girl" is a story about a teenage girl named Braidie who finally come to terms with how she watched her childhood friend Sophie get bullied while she did nothing about it. She reluctantly tells the story to her absent brother and compares her and her bullying group of friends to the recent murder of Reena Virk and the group of girls accused of her murder.
WAR in India, Pakistan, and Albania
religious activities and clubs are approved in America
medical use of marijuana became available and legal in some states.

Braidie - spirited and rebellious
(Braidie was always seen as rude and rebellious against her mother)
Adrienne - Dark (she was the protagonist)
Sophie - wise but not strong (she was the loner, the one who's bullied)
Rachel - misuse of power (bullies alongside Adrienne and Braidie towards Sophie)
Amber - fierce (in the IT group)
Annie - grace (she's soft and trustworthy, she was Braidie's PS teacher, convinced Braidie to tell her highschool teachers)

The play was written in 2001 by Joan Macleod. The story falls under the themes of Bullying and Coming of age as you see the main character grow up and evolve as the bullying gets worst. The author was born in Northern Vancouver, after graduate school at the university of British Columbia she started to write and publish poetry. in 1983 she wrote her first novel, a few months later she began her first play titled "Jewel". From then on she wrote other plays including "Toronto", "Missisipy" , "Amigos blue guitar", "The hope slide", "Little sister", "The shape of a girl", "homechild", and "Another home invasion".The shape of a girl is one of her most famous plays.it is now translated into 6 languages. she has one daughter and is married, she is currently a assistant professor of writing in Victoria
Braidies life come's full circle as she meets up with her preschool teacher, the first person to introduce her to Adrienne, and tells her that she has become someone she's not.
She faces her biggest barrier to freedom. Herself.
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