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Jupiters icy Moon

mickey sheehan

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of europa

Europa, Jupiters frozen moon Jupiters moon Europa was discovered Jan. 7,1610 by Galileo Galilei here are some more facts about Europa:diameter (km):3,138
Mass (kg): 4.8e22 kg Mass(Earth=1) 0.0083021 Surface Gravity(Earth=1) 0.135 mean distance from jupiter(km) 670,900 Mean distance from jupiter(Rj): 9.5 Mean distance from sun(AU):5.203
Orbital period(DAYS):3.551181 EUROPA Europa has a rocky interior, scientists discovered that it also has a layer of ice and water about 30 miles thick. Europa has an icy ridge where the ocean begins Europa's ice layer has been cracked and shifted many times Europa is so far away from earth on average it is 800,000,000 miles away. It varies as the planets . This is one of the biggest gaisers on Europa its about 70 miles long HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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