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Career Shadowing

by ashta compton

Alyssa Compton

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Purpose of the comany: Where will this company be in 15 years? : What employability skills are needed to work for this company: Average salary and education needed to work there: Technology used in this job: Skills (job-related and social etiquette) needed for this job: Would you pursue a career with this company? : what did you like best about this job? : What did you dislike about this job? : Pictures of you during your Career Shadowing Day: To help people understand their rights and put it in an understandable way. I think the company will be exactly where it is now. The thing that i like most about the job is that you're helping people. The thing that i disliked about the job is that there is not many employee's in the office. They use a lot of computer programs, phones, and fax machines. The skills that are most needed in this job are good social skills, typing skills, and able to listen to your boss. I personally do not see myself working in this company, just becaues i much rather be a veterinarean when i grow up. The salary is N/A. The education needed is High School and Law School. Employability skills that are needed is people skills, computer, and researching skills.
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